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Moon Power : Empowerment through cyclical living

A conscious guide to tuning into the energy and rhythm of the moon
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Are we alone in the universe? If not, where is everybody? An engaging exploration of one of the most important unsolved problems in science.
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Astrobiology : The Search for Life Elsewhere in the Universe

Are we alone in the Universe, or are there as many planets supporting life as there are stars in the sky?
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A Question and Answer Guide to Astronomy

An engaging guide for anyone who has ever wondered about the cosmos, this handy reference gives simple yet rigorous answers to hundreds of astronomical questions. This second edition includes substantial new material throughout, including the latest findings from the New Horizons, Rosetta, and Dawn space missions, and images from professional telescopes.
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Arguing Science : A Dialogue on the Future of Science and Spirit

An in-depth dialogue on the nature of science between post-materialist biologist Rupert Sheldrake and renowned skeptic Michael Shermer
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A Walk through the Southern Sky : A Guide to Stars, Constellations and Their Legends

This new edition of A Walk through the Southern Sky is a beautifully illustrated guide to the stars and constellations of the southern hemisphere. By following the simplified and easy-to-use starmaps, readers will be able to identify constellations with no equipment but normal sight and a clear night sky.
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Discovering Eris : The Symbolism and Significance of a New Planetary Archetype

Explores the astrological significance of Eris, a new dwarf planet in our solar system.
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Guide to night skies of Southern Africa

Night skies of Southern Africa was first published in 1987 and reprinted 11 times. It became the standard reference for enthusiasts in the region, but has been out of print for more than 10 years.
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A Dictionary of Astronomy

Completely revised and updated, this dictionary contains over 4,300 entries covering all aspects of astronomy. Written by an expert team of contributors under the editorship of Ian Ridpath, it is an accessible and invaluable reference for students, professionals, and space enthusiasts.
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Introducing Time : A Graphic Guide

What is time? The 5th-century philosopher St Augustine famously said that he knew what time was, so long as no one asked him.
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An Introduction to Cosmology

The third edition of this successful textbook is fully updated and includes important recent developments in cosmology. With 400 problems and numerous worked examples, it is suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduates on courses in theoretical physics, astrophysics or applied mathematics that include modern cosmology.
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