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Astronomy : A Journey From the Big Bang to the Modern World (Early Astronomers From Cave Paintings and Stone Circles to the Renaissance and the First Telescopes)

This book offers an exploration of the cosmos through the stories of those who have devoted their lives to the study of astronomy and the pursuit of knowledge. By drawing on the biographies of renowned astronomers, this book provides readers with an insight into the science, passion and dedication that goes into exploring the universe. Through the lens of exploration and discovery, this book reveals how astronomy has shaped and continues to shape our understanding of the universe. It is an enga
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Astronomy : A Visual Guide

Take a look through the lens and discover the beauty and science of the magnificent night sky - and beyond! This stunningly-illustrated space book is split into eight sections that cover every aspect of astronomy. Learn about the history of discoveries in the field and astronomical phenomena, from the earliest human civilizations to the present day, and then take a lavish visual tour of the Solar System, complete with the most spectacular photographs of the planets. A magnificent month-by-mo
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Blackholes : Every Thing You Need to Know About It for Space Agencies (The Key to Understanding the Universe): The Key to Understanding the Universe (Every Thing You Need to Know About It for Space Agencies)

Black hole are the most fascinating object of this universe.there were always thousands of question revolving around my mind about black holes when i was a teenager. To find answer to those questions i read a lot of books.i tried to put all those question and other information related to black hole i have in this book. This book is going to be a complete beginner guide for the children, teenager and adult who are looking forward to know about black holes. Things you'll learn about: A b
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Answers to Questions People Are Actually Asking

Questions about science, God, science and God, God and science, and any other odd bits that might have snuck in. Answers, too. Disclaimer - we're not guaranteeing that the answers are right. But they're pretty danged good. We're also aware that not everyone is going to agree with any or all of the answers. Plus, life goes on and we discover new stuff and the answers change. We are totally aware that some people who don't like to talk about God and science together, some people who don't like to
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101 Facts You Didn't Know About Space

Discover strange and amazing facts about familiar objects in the night sky.
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An Introduction to Radio Astronomy

A thorough introduction to radio astronomy and its contribution to our understanding of the universe, perfect for beginners. Fully revised and updated, the fourth edition covers the basic physics and observational techniques, including interferometric and digital techniques, single-dish telescopes and aperture synthesis arrays.
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Aliens and Space Exploration : For Beginners

This book looks into the size of the universe around us, assesses the probability of aliens' existence, imagines their likely physical appearance, and finally investigates solutions for exploring the universe and colonializing other planets.
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Above and Below : Modern Physics for Everyone

Authoritative yet accessible explanation of modern physics, from cosmology and astrophysics down to particle physics and quantum theory.
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The text and images in this textbook are grayscale. Astronomy is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of one- or two-semester introductory astronomy courses. The book begins with relevant scientific fundamentals and progresses through an exploration of the solar system, stars, galaxies, and cosmology.
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A Walk through the Southern Sky : A Guide to Stars, Constellations and Their Legends

This new edition of A Walk through the Southern Sky is a beautifully illustrated guide to the stars and constellations of the southern hemisphere. By following the simplified and easy-to-use starmaps, readers will be able to identify constellations with no equipment but normal sight and a clear night sky.
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An Introduction to Cosmology

The third edition of this successful textbook is fully updated and includes important recent developments in cosmology. With 400 problems and numerous worked examples, it is suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduates on courses in theoretical physics, astrophysics or applied mathematics that include modern cosmology.
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A Brief History Of Time : From Big Bang To Black Holes

Was there a beginning of time? It begins by reviewing the great theories of the cosmos from Newton to Einstein, before delving into the secrets which still lie at the heart of space and time, from the Big Bang to black holes, via spiral galaxies and strong theory.
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