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Digital Demagogue: Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Trump and Twitter

An analytical intervention into Trumpology, Twitter and authoritarianism.
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Crossing the divide : Precarious work and the future of labour

While work-related insecurities and worker vulnerability induced by neoliberal globalization are undeniably affecting an increasing number of workers around the world, crossing the Divide reveals that the history and legacy of colonialism is shaping the response of the Global South in ways that are quite different from that of the North.
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Community Development in an Uncertain World: Vision, Analysis and Practice

This new edition includes important new research into community development and 'alternative visions' for a sustainable, just future. It draws on principles of social justice, and post-Enlightenment and Indigenous perspectives to advance holistic approaches to community development. It remains an essential resource for students and professionals.
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Facets of power : Politics, profits and people in the making of Zimbabwe's blood diamonds

Facets of Power is the first comprehensive account of the emergence, meaning and profound impact of Chiadzwa's diamonds. Drawing on new fieldwork and published sources, the contributors present a graphic and accessibly written narrative of corruption and greed, as well as resistance by those who have suffered.
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Hotel Yeoville

Yeoville is one of the most diverse suburbs in Johannesburg, home to migrants from all across Africa. In 2008, artist Terry Kurgen, in collaboration with the African Centre for Migration and Society at Wits University, began 'Hotel Yeoville'. She wanted to find stories about the ordinary lives of migrant in Johannesburg. The project was both online and housed in the new public library in Yeoville. It comprised a website, a photowall, and a series of private booths in which members of the public
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Fundamentals of social research methods

Healthy societies can only be built on a realistic understanding of people and their world. The call for African solutions to the continent's problems demands an innovative pool of knowledgeable and skilled social researchers.
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Jacketed women : Qualitative research methodologies on sexualities and gender in Africa

Over the past decade, there has been an increasing emphasis in African scholarship and research on the importance of understanding sexuality and the issues around it, such as identity, sexual rights and sexuality, reproductive health and rights and gender and political democracy.
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Capital cities in Africa

Capital cities today remain central to both nations and states. They host centres of political power, not only national, but in some cases regional and global as well, thus offering major avenues to success, wealth and privilege.
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AS and A2 Sociology : Study Guide

Level: A Level
Subject: Sociology

Revise for AS & A2 Sociology with confidence! Providing complete study support throughout the two A Level years, this Sociology study guide matches the curriculum content and provides in-depth course coverage, plus invaluable advice on how to get the best results in the exams.
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A paradox of victory

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) emerged from the anti-apartheid struggle as the largest and most powerful union federation in South Africa.
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Introducing Statistics : A Graphic Guide

Statistics have given shape to the world we inhabit. Exploring the history, mathematics, philosophy and practical use of statistics, this book traces the rise of statistics from the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and Chinese, to the censuses of Romans and the Greeks, and the modern emergence of the term itself in Europe.
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