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Applied Social Science Methodology: An Introductory Guide

Introducing a variety of social science methodologies through an integrated approach, this textbook is applicable to a range of advanced undergraduate and postgraduate social and political science courses, including politics, sociology, communications, business, management and economics.
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Crossing the divide : Precarious work and the future of labour

While work-related insecurities and worker vulnerability induced by neoliberal globalization are undeniably affecting an increasing number of workers around the world, crossing the Divide reveals that the history and legacy of colonialism is shaping the response of the Global South in ways that are quite different from that of the North.
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Community Development in an Uncertain World: Vision, Analysis and Practice

This new edition includes important new research into community development and 'alternative visions' for a sustainable, just future. It draws on principles of social justice, and post-Enlightenment and Indigenous perspectives to advance holistic approaches to community development. It remains an essential resource for students and professionals.
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Bayesian Statistics for the Social Sciences

Bridging the gap between traditional classical statistics and a Bayesian approach, David Kaplan provides readers with the concepts and practical skills they need to apply Bayesian methodologies to their data analysis problems. Part I addresses the elements of Bayesian inference, including exchangeability, likelihood, prior/posterior distributions, and the Bayesian central limit theorem. Part II covers Bayesian hypothesis testing, model building, and linear regression analysis, carefully explaini
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A Dictionary of Sociology

The most authoritative dictionary of sociology available. Fully revised to include the most up-to-date concepts and contemporary social issues. It is both an ideal introduction to the subject, and an invaluable reference work for more advanced students and teachers.
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Class in Soweto

The book presents findings and analysis from six years of research on class structure and class identity in Soweto, South Africa's most populous and politically-important township.
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Capital cities in Africa

Capital cities today remain central to both nations and states. They host centres of political power, not only national, but in some cases regional and global as well, thus offering major avenues to success, wealth and privilege.
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Becoming worthy ancestors

Why does it matter that nations should care for their archives, and that they should develop a sense of shared identity? And why should these processes take place in the public domain?
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AS and A2 Sociology : Study Guide

Level: A Level
Subject: Sociology

Revise for AS & A2 Sociology with confidence! Providing complete study support throughout the two A Level years, this Sociology study guide matches the curriculum content and provides in-depth course coverage, plus invaluable advice on how to get the best results in the exams.
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A paradox of victory

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) emerged from the anti-apartheid struggle as the largest and most powerful union federation in South Africa.
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Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology: Outline of a Theory of Practice Series Number 16

Pierre Bourdieu, a French anthropologist, develops his theory of symbolic power through a materialistic approach, which he analyses symbolic capital and the different modes of domination. The author draws on his fieldwork in Kabylia (Algeria) to illustrate his theoretical propositions.
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