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A Primer for Forgetting : Getting Past the Past

A playful and melancholy defense of forgetfulness by exploring the healing effect it can have on the human psyche, from the author of The Gift
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Afrikaner identity : Dysfunction and grief

This close media study considers how, squeezed in the moral vice of past and present, Afrikaners look in a mirror that reflects only a beautiful people. It is an image of upstanding, hard-working citizens.
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100 Million Years of Food: What Our Ancestors Ate and Why it Matters Today

An exploration of what we eat and how we live, and the health consequences of denying our complicated evolutionary history with food.
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Approaches to the Evolution of Language: Language in Prehistory

While no direct evidence for the origin and evolution of language exists, Barnard looks to the present to explain the past, focussing on how modern hunter-gatherers, as non-literate people, use and perceive language. This fascinating book will be welcomed by all those interested in the evolution of language.
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African Civilizations: An Archaeological Perspective

This new revised edition of African Civilizations re-examines the physical evidence for developing social complexity in Africa over the last six thousand years. The new edition offers expanded coverage, new illustrations and an extended new list of references. Essential reading for students of archaeology, anthropology, African history and African studies.
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Anthropology's World : Life in a Twenty-first-century Discipline

Maps the contemporary social world of anthropologists and its relation to the wider world in which they carry out their work.
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Caves of the Ape-Men : South Africa's Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site

The unique fossils featured in Caves of the Ape-Men were excavated at cave-sites which today are clustered within the first World Heritage Site to be proclaimed in South Africa under the auspices of UNESCO.
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Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics: Typology and Universals

William Croft presents a comprehensive introduction to the method and theory used in studying typology and universals. The second edition of this essential textbook has been thoroughly rewritten and updated to reflect advances in typology and universals in the past decade.
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A Dictionary of Symbols

At every stage of civilization, people have relied on symbolic expression, and advances in science and technology have only increased our dependence on symbols. An essential part of the ancient arts of the Orient and Western medieval traditions, symbolism underwent a twentieth-century revival with
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An Introduction to Theory in Anthropology

This clear and concise introduction to anthropological theory, written for undergraduate students, reviews the ideas that have inspired anthropologists in their studies of societies around the world. It describes the key theories, past and present, tracing the way in which they have been translated into anthropological debates.
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Anthropological Perspectives on Kinship

Explores new developments in kinship studies in anthropology -- including the impact of new reproductive technologies and changing conceptualisations of personhood and gender.
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Cambridge Studies in Medical Anthropology: Embodiment and Experience: The Existential Ground of Culture and Self Series Number 2

A collection of essays examining the relationship between cultural values and the body as a source of symbols and instrument of experience. The contributors discuss topics including dietary customs, the expression of emotion, the experience of pain, and political violence.
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