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Darwin Comes to Town

Makes you look at the city around you with fresh eyes
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A Day in the Life of the Brain : The Neuroscience of Consciousness from Dawn Till Dusk

A Sunday Times and Financial Times Book of the Year

What happens in our brains when we wake up, savour a meal or a glass of wine, walk the dog, stare at a screen, daydream or sleep? World-renowned neuroscientist Susan Greenfield draws on her own pioneering research to illuminate the mystery of consciousness, and how our brains make us who we are.

'Offers tantalising clues to the universe inside our heads' Rob Kingston, Sunday Times, Science Books of the Year

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Biocode : The New Age of Genomics

In Biocode, Dawn Field and Neil Davies capture the scale and excitement of the rapidly growing field of genomics. From automatic DNA sequencing of newborns to synthetic life, and the sequencing of whole ecosystems, genomics is set to revolutionize our understanding of life on Earth and affect us all.
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10% Human : How Your Body's Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness

Obesity, autism, mental health problems, IBS, allergies, auto-immunity, cancer. Does the answer to the modern epidemic of `Western' diseases lie in our gut?
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Conflicts in Conservation: Navigating Towards Solutions

Conflicts over the conservation of biodiversity are increasing and represent serious obstacles to wildlife conservation efforts worldwide. By bringing together experts from different academic disciplines, policy makers and practitioners, this volume offers many new insights for dealing with conflict. A must-read for students, researchers, academics and professionals.
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Audiovisual Speech Processing

When we speak, we configure the vocal tract which shapes the visible motions of the face and the patterning of the audible speech acoustics. This book showcases a broad range of research investigating how these two types of signals are used in spoken communication.
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Darwin College Lectures: Life Series Number 25

Eight distinguished scholars present a vibrant and thought-provoking collection of essays from their own areas of expertise that expose both conventional and unconventional views on the meaning of life, the enigmatic boundaries between the living and the dead, and what may or may not follow afterwards.
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Developmental Social Neuroscience and Childhood Brain Insult: Theory and Practice

Synthesizing cutting-edge knowledge from multiple disciplines, this book explores the impact of acquired brain injury and developmental disabilities on children's emerging social skills. The editors present an innovative framework for understanding how brain processes interact with social development in both typically developing children and clinical populations. Key issues in assessment are addressed, including ways to measure both social function and brain function using developmentally sound
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Computational Ecology: Graphs, Networks And Agent-based Modeling

Graphs, networks and agent-based modeling are the most thriving and attracting sciences used in ecology and environmental sciences. This book offers a comprehensive treatment of the subject in the areas of ecology and environmental sciences. It also includes Java codes and a standalone software package.
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A Primer of Conservation Genetics

For those with a limited background in genetic studies, this entry level text is presented in an easy-to-follow format with main points and terms clearly highlighted. Worked examples are provided throughout to help illustrate key equations and a glossary and suggestions for further reading provide additional support.
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Algemene plantkunde

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A Dictionary of Ecology

The fourth edition of the most comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of ecology available. Written in a clear, accessible style, it contains over 6,000 entries on all aspects of ecology and related environmental scientific disciplines, and is fully weblinked.
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