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Discover It Yourself: Nature At Risk

A hands-on approach to finding out about nature and how to save the planet!
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Cosmological Koans : A Journey to the Heart of Physics

'A gem of a book' Carlo Rovelli, author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics 'A unique and beautifully written masterpiece' Max Tegmark, author of Life 3.0 Could there be a civilization on a mote of dust? How much of your fate have you made? Who cleans the universe? Through more than fifty Koans - pleasingly paradoxical vignettes following the ancient Zen tradition - leading physicist Anthony Aguirre takes us across the world from Japan to Italy, and through ideas spanning the age, breadth
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Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics Digital Teacher's Resource Access Card

This digital teacher's resource is the perfect companion to the coursebook and workbooks, helping you bridge the gap between teaching theory and practice. It helps you support your learners, plan great lessons and teach to the syllabus. Including a guide to practicals, the resource also provides a variety of active lesson ideas with timings. There is support to develop and enhance students' investigative skills, with a step-by-step approach tailored to syllabus objectives. For each topic there
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Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics Coursebook with Digital Access (2 Years)

For first examination from 2022, these resources meet the real needs of the physics classroom.
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Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics Workbook with Digital Access (2 Years)

For first examination from 2022, these resources meet the real needs of the physics classroom.
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Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics Practical Workbook

Fully revised and updated content matching the Cambridge International Examinations 9702 syllabus for first examination in 2016.
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Complete Mechanics for Cambridge International AS & A Level

Providing complete syllabus support (9709), this stretching and practice-focused course builds the advanced skills needed for the latest Cambridge assessments and the transition to higher education. Engaging, real world examples make mathematics relevant to real life.
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30-Second Quantum Theory : The 50 most thought-provoking quantum concepts, each explained in half a minute

A beautifully illustrated, full-colour guide to one of science's most infamously impenetrable subjects.
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Conceptual Physics, Global Edition

Intended for non-science majors Physics Courses Since defining this course 30 years ago, Paul Hewitt's best-selling text continues as the benchmark by which all others are judged. In Conceptual Physics Twelfth Edition Paul Hewitt makes physics interesting, understandable, and relevant for non-science majors. The Twelfth Edition will delight students with informative and fun Hewitt-Drew-It screencasts, updated content and applications. Hewitt's text is guided by the principle of "concepts be
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An Introduction to Mechanics

Now brought up to date, this improved second edition is ideal for classical mechanics courses for first- and second-year undergraduates with foundation skills in mathematics. The book retains all the features of the first edition, but with new examples taken from recent developments and a solutions manual for instructors at
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Classical Dynamics : A Contemporary Approach

With many worked examples and over 200 homework exercises, this comprehensive textbook, first published in 1998, covers all the standard material in a graduate course on classical dynamics, plus advanced topics such as the relativistic Kepler problem, Liouville and Darboux theorems, and inverse and chaotic scattering. A solutions manual is available exclusively for instructors.
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Applied Geophysics

This is the revised and updated version of an established textbook. It describes the physical methods involved in exploration for hydrocarbons and minerals. These tools include gravity, magnetic, seismic, electrical, electromagnetic, and radioactivity studies.
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