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365 Ways to Save the Planet : A Day-by-day Guide to Sustainable Living

Step up your sustainability and unlock your full eco potential with 365 easy, trackable changes. What if sustainability didn't have to be so complicated? 365 Ways to Save the Planet cuts through the noise and explains exactly how to live a "greener" lifestyle day by day. With its approachable ideas and achievable daily actions, anyone can up their sustainability score with this book on eco-friendly living. Georgina Wilson-Powell breaks down the significance of environmental statistics for i
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365 Ways to Save the Planet : A Day-by-day Guide to Living Sustainably

An approachable guide to saving the planet, complete with actionable tips and accessible facts about how to become an activist in your community and safeguard the planet in the process.
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A Conservation Notebook : Ego, Greed and Oh-So-Cute Orangutans - Tales from a Half-Century on the Environmental Front Lines

Are You Optimistic We Can Save the Plantet? A Conservation Notebook has plenty of Paul in it, but it's not intended to be a memoir. Nor is it a history of the modern conservation movement. This highly personal volume from the former head of Creative Services for WWF International wanders from crowded UN conference rooms in Rio to simple farmers in Bhutan, to coral reefs in Micronesia and the Philippines to the wild regions of Indonesian New Guinea where outsiders want a piece of a poor farme
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A Bigger Picture : My Fight to Bring a New African Voice to the Climate Crisis

A rousing manifesto and memoir from leading young activist Vanessa Nakate which will change the way we think about the impact of climate change and inspire readers to become activists themselves.
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A Bitter Fog : Herbicides & Human Rights

A Bitter Fog is the true story of people fighting to protect their families and homes from Agent Orange and other poisons sprayed on them from the air. This book tells the story of ordinary people who defied profiteering corporations and indifferent government agencies. Meticulous research exposes deception and outright fraud by chemical companies to keep profiting from herbicides they knew were toxic and government complicity in covering up severe human health problems and environmental damage
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A Climate of the Heart : Only Relatedness Can Save Us

We are coming into dire catastrophe through our turning aside from inter-relatedness. Reality is relational, but our present way of being in the world is an adversarial going against others (our politics) and a displacement of our innate desire for relatedness into a grasping for ever more things (our economics). We now know, if most continue on our present way, we humans will become extinct within a few decades, Our main problem is our self-contradictory identity; we are each simultaneously
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101 Water Wise Ways

Three provinces in South Africa have been declared national disaster zones because of drought, and Cape Town still faces the real possibility of running out of water entirely in the near future. This book, a "can-do" collection of more than 101 water-wise tips, is a guide to changing your relationship with water. Long-term, immediate, big, small, from the sensible to the quirky, from kitchens to bathrooms, businesses to institutions, there's something here for everyone.
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!No Se Vende! Water as a Right of the Commons

Management of water in northern New Mexico based on custom and tradition for agricultural production as opposed to its commodification based on market value and "highest and best" urban and industrial use.
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A Fair Share : Doing the Math on Individual Consumption and Global Warming

Global warming may seem an intractable problem, yet the math shows that individual-level consumption, chiefly those simple daily acts of eating, driving, and home energy use, drives the vast majority of this country's carbon emissions. This text rigorously shows how simple changes in lifestyle are sufficient to meet near-term carbon reduction goal
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A Beautiful World : Reframing Our Relationship to Creation

An exploration of our relationship to the earth as defined within the Bible. With small group study guide and suitable for preaching.
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A History of Vermilion Corporation and Its Predecessors (1923-1989)

Whenever outlanders think of Louisiana, many automatically call to mind images of trappers in the Louisiana marshes. One of the major players in Louisiana's fur trapping industry has been the Vermilion Corporation. This corporate history by Frank Knapp Jr. examines the birth and growth of the Vermilion Corporation as well as its five predecessor companies: Louisiana Land and Mining Company (1912), Louisiana Gulf Coast Club (1923), Louisiana Coast Land Company (1924), Louisiana Furs, Inc., (1927
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101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide : The Clean Green Home Revolution

"The Clean Green Home Revolution - 101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide" is a comprehensive guide to home, garden, spa and personal care uses of hydrogen peroxide from the editor and publisher of Replace toxic home cleaning products with safe effective hydrogen peroxide! Improve indoor air quality, disinfect and clean without dangerous chemicals. This book will give you all the specific information you need to change the way you keep your house, your garden and even yourself cl
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