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Featherhood : On Birds and Fathers

A memoir about birds and fathers
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A profound meditation on climate change and the Anthropocene and an urgent search for the fossils-industrial, chemical, geological-that humans are leaving behind
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A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences

A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences contains more than 10,000 entries covering all areas of geoscience, including planetary science, oceanography, palaeontology, mineralogy, and volcanology. In this edition, 675 new entries have been added, along with three new appendices, and web links have been fully revised and updated.
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Geological wonders of Namibia

This stunning depiction of geology in Namibia combines searingly beautiful photography with clear explanations of how the varied landscapes formed. Arranged chronologically (starting 13.8 billion years ago), the chapters each deal with a particular event or process that has resulted in the formation under discussion.
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Kromdraai : A birthplace of Paranthropus in the cradle of humankind

This book is dedicated to the palaeontogical site of Kromdraai, one of the most well-known sites of the 'Cradle of Humankind', the famous UNESCO World Heritage site located in the Gauteng province (South Africa).
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Darwin's hunch

There is agreement in the scientific world today that all humans share common origins in Africa, but when Charles Darwin first suggested it in 1871, few European scientists took his theory seriously. When the Taung child skull was found in South Africa in 1924, Raymond Dart supported Darwin's theory.
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An Ape's View of Human Evolution

Whilst many books have addressed human evolution and the human fossil record, very few have examined our fossil ape relatives. This volume synthesises genetic, ecological and anatomical data to develop a unique account of what we know about our last common ancestor and how they lived.
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Africa's top geological sites

Africa is home to more than the Cradle of Humankind. It was the core of the ancient supercontinent Pangaea, and comprises some of the oldest and most extraordinary geology on planet Earth. This detailed and colourful book features 44 of the continent's most spectacular and interesting 'geosites'.
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AIMS Library of Mathematical Sciences: Introduction to Atmospheric Modelling

This graduate-level introduction shows how mathematical modelling helps us to understand atmospheric phenomena. Written for students with backgrounds in mathematics, physics and engineering, this book will be a valuable resource as they begin studying atmospheric science.
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Ore Deposit Geology

This book systematically describes and illustrates the major ore deposit types, and links them to their settings in the crust and the geological factors behind their formation. It provides a balance of practical information and the background science for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Includes end-of-chapter questions and online visual resources.
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Life of Bone : The Taung Fossil and Thre South African Artists

Life of Bone brings into sharp relief, and interrogates, the abutting practices of the scientific and the artistic, practices which have co-existed since the beginning of our species. It's based on an exhibition, scheduled to open in May 2011 at the Origins Centre at the University of the Witwatersrand.
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Geochemistry: An Introduction

This new edition refreshingly introduces the essentials of modern geochemistry for students across the Earth and environmental sciences. Encouraging conceptual understanding over facts and memorisation, it discusses central physical and chemical principles, and applies them to the solid Earth and other planets. With new chapters and student exercises, this textbook is an essential student guide.
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