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365 days of self-reflection : A year of introspection to help us grow

Gratitude, values, fear and human relationships are some of the themes developed in this book of introspection. A different question for each day of the year to get the fullest picture possible of our life, who we are and what we want to become. Discovering how far we have come, this book also offers open-ended questions to reflect on what we have control over in order to continue building the most satisfying life possible for ourselves.
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365 jours qui font reflechir : Une annee d'introspection pour faire du menage dans notre tete

La gratitude, les valeurs, la peur et les relations humaines sont quelques-uns des themes developpes dans ce livre d'introspection. Une question differente a chaque jour de l'annee pour avoir l'image la plus complete possible de notre vie, de qui nous sommes et ce que nous voulons devenir. Decouvrant le chemin parcouru, ce livre propose egalement des questions ouvertes pour reflechir sur ce quoi nous avons du controle pour continuer a batir la vie la plus satisfaisante possible pour soi.
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21st Century Philosophy

21st Century Philosophy uses selected popular texts as a window through which to examine contemporary social and cultural issues. What are the long-term prospects for 'New Atheism'? On balance, is the United States chiefly a force for good, or is it bent on hegemony? Is the optimism of the Enlightenment a historical curiosity, or can it be revived? To what extent can quality fiction enlarge the modern imagination, and how far are we stuck in a rut of banality? What is the connection between aca
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111 Laws and Proverbs I Wish I Knew Earlier in Life is about the psychological and philosophical proverbs, self helps and attraction laws that position you to be your best self in every endeavor. The thoughts that roam through your mind have the power to become real life manifestations. These laws and proverbs are facts of every day life and science. Everything under the sun results from the acceptance and manifestation of good or evil, positive or negative energies or forces that gravitate man
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10-Minute Philosophy : From Buddhism to Stoicism, Confucius and Aristotle - Bite-Sized Wisdom From Some of History's Greatest Thinkers

Classic ideas and ancient concepts broken down for the modern age. A non-academic approach to better living and greater happiness.
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21 Secrets of Attracting Money : Metaphysical Insights For Physical And Spiritual Wealth-Including 9 Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments

Have you ever wondered why some people easily attract money... and you don't? Are you eager to discover hidden insights to attract physical and spiritual wealth? If so, then keep reading...
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21 Metaphysical Secrets : Life Changing Truths For Unconventional Thinkers Including 9 Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments

Discover The 21 Secrets of Metaphysics: Use The Law of Attraction And Manifestation.
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[零] a Phantom Zero

'[ ] A Phantom Zero' is an 8-part piece inspired by 'the Drake Equation'.
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2064 : Return of the Caliph

2064 is a 50-year strategic plan to establish Islamic Shar'iah under the leadership of a rightly guided global Caliph. The strategy focuses on five elements, they are: 1. Islamic awareness 2. Economic development 3. Family development 4. Community development 5. Leadership
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. M .oments (Volume Two)

.M. oments (Volume Two) is the second of a planned twenty. The .M. oments series is an appreciation of one thousand memories in life that have espoused the unabridged and unassailable love D. Mars Yuvarajan holds for his muse and the singular font of inspiration in his life as a poet.
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21 Days to Emotional Literacy : A Companion Workbook to The Unopened Gift

According to the World Economic Forum emotional skills are rapidly moving to the forefront of work competencies but most of us don't know where to start. This simple, straightforward workbook will rapidly put you on the road to Emotional Literacy. Your emotional competence passes to your children as a skill that will serve them their entire lives.
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?Como Sabes Eso?

?Como sabemos lo que sabemos? ?Es por lo que nos dice la ciencia, por lo que nos dice la Biblia o porque simplemente siento en mi interior que se algo? ?Es asi como llegamos al conocimiento de las cosas? ?Es posible incluir diferentes formas de conocimiento dentro de una vida y una realidad? En este volumen, el segundo de una trilogia, el conferenciante internacional Ellis Potter nos muestra como cuatro formas basicas de conocimiento se pueden integrar para completarnos como personas. Su prim
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