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Industry Studies
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A study of the role of management style on performance of mutual funds in India

1 Origin and History of Mutual Funds The evolution of Mutual funds can be traced to the times of the Egyptians and Phoenicians when they sold shares in caravans and vessels to spread the risk of these ventures. Historians are uncertain of the origins of investment funds; some cite the closed-end investment companies launched in the Netherlands in 1822 by King William I as the first mutual funds, while others point to a Dutch merchant named Adriaan van Ketwich whose investment trust was c
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A study on energy efficiency and security for pervasive healthcare systems

INTRODUCTION This chapter emphasizes the significance and characterization of Pervasive Healthcare Systems. 1.1 INTRODUCTION TO PERVASIVE HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS Traditional Healthcare Systems are facing challenges in various ways because of the aged population growth around the world. Healthcare services cost has been increasing because of an exponential increase in the number of aged people in developed countries. The increase in the aged people population has created major challenges fo
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A Study Of Women In Banking Sector

INTRODUCTION TO THE INDIAN BANKING SECTOR The Indian industry is presently experiencing an accelerated change in the economy, especially with reference to workforce diversity. One major shift in the workforce is the increasing presence of women in different occupations. As a result, society has an increasing number of dual-career families. There seems to be an enhanced standard of living along with some role stress. Working women , in particular, are finding difficulty in balancing work a
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A Study of Mobile Based Marketing Practices Among Selected Indian Banks

MARKETING COMMUNICATION Communication may be defined as supplying information to one or more people with the use of words, sound or visual cues. The communication process is complete only when the receiver understands the message that the sender intends to send. Until and unless the receiver doesn't understand the message the communication error is there. In the communication process, there is a message source then it is encoded and a communication channel is chosen to send that m
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7 Days to a Byline That Pays

7 Days to a Byline that Pays explains how to tell stories that audiences will read and editors will pay you to write. Delivered In a breezy and compact manner, this book will help you work fast, smart and get paid for your work. Take it from Pulitzer winning journalist Manny Garcia: "Smith has successfully culled the best ideas from colleagues and published a book that is essential reading for anyone who wants to succeed in journalism. It's creative, clear, fun and Timeless. He hits all the
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2022 International Mass Timber Report

The mass timber panel industry, most prominently exemplified by cross-laminated timber (CLT), is a new phenomenon. It integrates elements of mass timber design, manufacturing technologies, and construction and has not followed typical commodity-oriented forest products industry models. In fact, it would be difficult to point to an adequate precedent. Organic development of the global mass timber industry over the last 25 years has produced substantial diversity in manufacturing processes, level
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A Freelancer's Survival Guide to Maximizing Your Success

This fabulous book includes three related chapters from the Freelancer's Survival Guide by Kristine Kathryn Rusch: How to Make Money, The Secrets of Success, and How to Negotiate Anything.
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A Handbook for Emerging and Seasoned Authors : An Insider's Step-by-Step Approach to Becoming a Successful Indie Book Author and Publisher

This handbook helps authors to publish their work, step-by-step. It covers the publishing essentials, formatting MS Word documents into digital and e-book files, working with distributors, and promoting and selling books in intricate detail.
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A First Course in Rail Transport Planning

This book contains a structured 12 week course for rail transport planning. The material is directed at university students, who are familiar with transport planning but have not yet been exposed to rail transport planning. The subject presented is thorough and provides a comprehensive review of many of the issues that arise when performing rail transport planning. The book includes a review of the different types of rail systems, including metros, commuter rail, light rail and trams. Monorail
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A Memoir in Pieces

For nearly four decades, journalist Ernest Hillen travelled from coast to coast in his adopted country of Canada and throughout the wider world, crafting stories that were sometimes amusing, occasionally bleak, often poignant--and always memorable. A Memoir in Pieces gathers together some of his favourites. Here you will meet a Montreal-born mercenary soldier who declares "I like to fight. Once you've tasted blood, you want more." You'll sit down to a lunch of hamburgers, pickles, tea and Scot
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A Decent Bottle of Wine in China

When Yorkshireman Chris Ruffle decided to build a vineyard complete with a Scottish castle in the midst of the countryside in eastern China, he was expecting difficulties, but nothing on the scale he encountered. But build it he did, and the wine is now flowing.
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A Little Bit of Advice for Self-Publishers

In this succinct book, publications consultant Vinnie Kinsella tells you what you should know before starting your self-publishing journey.
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