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ቤት አልባ ዶክተሮች

1987 . . - -
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72 Lessons From The Sky : Cessna 172

Take to the skies with 72 Lessons From The Sky. Be the pilot who comes home! 72 true stories from Cessna 172 pilots, with valuable lessons learned from accidents & near misses.
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A Comprehensive study on the Relevance of Beta for the Indian Stock Market

The Indian economy has been affected by the stock market on both a small and a large scale. Indian stock markets have become the backbone of the Indian economy. They do everything from bring together and distribute the savings of individual investors to put India at the front of the world's major financial players. The economy is affected by any change in the markets and vice versa. Indian stock markets are still growing, which means there is a lot of room to find new opportunities. So, it was
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7 Days to a Byline That Pays

7 Days to a Byline that Pays explains how to tell stories that audiences will read and editors will pay you to write. Delivered In a breezy and compact manner, this book will help you work fast, smart and get paid for your work. Take it from Pulitzer winning journalist Manny Garcia: "Smith has successfully culled the best ideas from colleagues and published a book that is essential reading for anyone who wants to succeed in journalism. It's creative, clear, fun and Timeless. He hits all the
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2022 International Mass Timber Report

The mass timber panel industry, most prominently exemplified by cross-laminated timber (CLT), is a new phenomenon. It integrates elements of mass timber design, manufacturing technologies, and construction and has not followed typical commodity-oriented forest products industry models. In fact, it would be difficult to point to an adequate precedent. Organic development of the global mass timber industry over the last 25 years has produced substantial diversity in manufacturing processes, level
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A Freelancer's Survival Guide to Maximizing Your Success

This fabulous book includes three related chapters from the Freelancer's Survival Guide by Kristine Kathryn Rusch: How to Make Money, The Secrets of Success, and How to Negotiate Anything.
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1000 Castaways : Fundamentals of Economics

The most important information you need to know about the macroeconomy, explained in a clear, straightforward manner.
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A First Course in Rail Transport Planning

This book contains a structured 12 week course for rail transport planning. The material is directed at university students, who are familiar with transport planning but have not yet been exposed to rail transport planning. The subject presented is thorough and provides a comprehensive review of many of the issues that arise when performing rail transport planning. The book includes a review of the different types of rail systems, including metros, commuter rail, light rail and trams. Monorail
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A Good Life : The Story of Guy Winship and Good Return

This is the story of Guy Winship, told in his own words. Growing up in South Africa during the apartheid years, Guy joined the struggle for equality and democracy while throwing himself into improving conditions in poor communities. His work in microfinance and livelihood development in South Africa and Uganda provided the foundation for Good Return, a not-for-profit organisation that he established fifteen years ago. Three years ago, Guy was diagnosed with terminal ocular melanoma, the same ca
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[Limited Edition] Encyclopedia of Physical Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies

Physical crypto-currency consists of collectible tokens with a theme relating to Bitcoin or comparable digital money systems. Many such coins actually contain balances of digital currency, and can be quite valuable both for their contents, metal composition, and rarity. This Encyclopedia organizes and explains them in academic fashion.
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100% Financing For Your New Home Guaranteed. No FICO Score Requirement!

In this book you will learn four ways to purchase a single family home or 2-4 unit building at 100% financing when you purchase the home. One of the four programs in this book has over 10 Billion dollars in funding for home buyer's regardless of your credit. Programs are based on buyer's being able to repay so "Good & Bad" credit are excepted.
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A Decent Bottle of Wine in China

When Yorkshireman Chris Ruffle decided to build a vineyard complete with a Scottish castle in the midst of the countryside in eastern China, he was expecting difficulties, but nothing on the scale he encountered. But build it he did, and the wine is now flowing.
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