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A First Course in Computational Fluid Dynamics

A broad and fundamental coverage of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), explaining basic numerical methods and offering a rigorous introduction to CFD. This book emphasises the exploration of fluid science through computation and is an ideal text for any course in this area.
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Arduino Project Handbook

The Arduino Project Handbook is a full-color illustrated guide to building 25 projects with the low cost Arduino microcontroller.
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Autodesk Infraworks 360 and Autodesk Infraworks 360 LT Essentials

Get up to speed and get to work quickly with the official InfraWorks handbook Autodesk InfraWorks and InfraWorks 360 Essentials, 2nd Edition is your comprehensive, hands-on guide to this popular civil engineering software.
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Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide

This new edition of the bestselling Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide, readers with no electronics experience can create their first gadgets quickly. This book is up-to-date for the new Arduino Zero board, with step-by-step instructions for building a universal remote, a motion-sensing game controller, and many other fun, useful projects
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An introduction to engineering and surveying

An introduction to engineering surveying is written for civil engineering and geomatics or land surveying tertiary students who are studying towards a Bachelors degree or a National diploma. It covers a wide range of spatial measurement methods that support civil engineering planning.
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A Dictionary of Chemical Engineering

This new dictionary provides a quick and authoritative point of reference for chemical engineering, covering areas such as materials, energy balances, reactions, and separations. It also includes relevant terms from the areas of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology.
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Advanced Renewable Energy Sources

A unique book dealing with all types of renewable energy resources, aimed at scientists but also a textbook for science students
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Audio Production and Critical Listening : Technical Ear Training

Making decisions about how and when to apply sound processing effects and recording techniques can make or break your song mix. The decisions you make come down to your listening skills - what you hear and how you perceive it. This title develops your critical and expert listening skills, enabling you to listen to audio.
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Advanced Dynamics

Advanced Dynamics is a broad and detailed description of the analytical tools of dynamics. The strengths and weaknesses of various approaches are discussed, and particular emphasis is placed on learning through problem solving. Many worked examples and homework problems are provided.
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Applied Mathematics In Hydraulic Engineering: An Introduction To Nonlinear Differential Equations

A teaching guide and reference to treating nonlinear mathematical problems in hydraulic, hydrologic and coastal engineering. It helps undergraduates studying civil and coastal engineering, as well as analysis and differential equations apply calculus to the treatment of nonlinear partial differential equations.
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Adhesion Science

This is a comprehensive introduction to the chemistry of adhesives, and will be of interest to chemists, but also to readers with a background in physical or materials science.
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Applied Building Physics : Boundary Conditions, Building Performance and Material Properties

The energy crises of the 1970s, persisting moisture problems, complaints about sick buildings, thermal, visual and olfactory discomfort, and the move towards more sustainability in building construction have pushed Building Physics to the forefront of building innovation.
R 1 392,30 R 1 638,00