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Technology - General Issues
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Broadcasting Britain : 100 Years of the BBC

Discover the BBC's central role in reflecting our ever-changing world.... Created 100 years ago, on 18 October 1922, the BBC transformed people's lives at the turn of a dial, bringing voices out of the ether and conjuring the magic community of radio... Now, our lives are inextricably linked to broadcasting. It is how we remember where we come from and who we are - from the Moon Landing to the 9/11 attacks, from Monty Python to EastEnders, from Live Aid to London 2012. Head of BBC History R
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"This book will discuss the principles and ethics of biofabrication, a growing field in which biological tissue is fabricated in for medical, research, technological, and even food applications"--
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Bird's Higher Engineering Mathematics

"Over 600 practical engineering examples and applications underpin undergraduate and upper-level vocational courses. The companion website provides of essential formulae, multiple-choice tests, and full solutions to 2,000 further questions from in the 277 practice exercises; and answers to revision tests for adopting course instructors"--
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Bird's Engineering Mathematics

Mathematics is explained using over 550 practical engineering worked examples and interactive problems, for Level 2 and 3 engineering and A level courses. The companion website provides essential formulae, multiple choice tests, and full solutions for 1,900 further questions; and answers to revision tests for adopting course instructors.
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Biomechanics of Movement : The Science of Sports, Robotics, and Rehabilitation

"A textbook on the Biomechanics of Movement that will be useful for courses and also inspiring for researchers in rehabilitation and the design of products as diverse as prosthetics and running shoes"--
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Bird's Comprehensive Engineering Mathematics

Bird's comprehensively covers the key mathematics for real-life engineering, running gradually from the basics to the complex. Simple explanations; supported by 1600 worked problems; over 3600 further problems within 384 exercises. The website provides detailed solutions to the further problems, plus 35 revision tests and 9 multiple-choice tests.
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Building Drawing N2: Lecturer’s Guide

Comprehensive summaries and assessments at the end of each module to assist with revision. Accurate and detailed drawings to support learning. Written, reviewed and approved by experienced lecturers.
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Dynamic Modeling and Control of Engineering Systems

This is a textbook for undergraduate courses in systems dynamics and controls. It presents a comprehensive treatment of the analysis of lumped parameter physical systems. Beginning with a discussion of mathematical models and ODEs, the book covers input/output and state space models, computer simulation, and modeling methods and techniques in mechanical, electrical, thermal and fluid domains.
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Applied engineering and technology: Fet level 4: Textbook

The series is designed to meet the needs of students and lecturers working with the National Certificate Vocational (NCV) Curriculum. These books contain a variety of user-friendly activities which are workplace oriented.
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