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$100M Careers : The 5 Fastest Career Paths to Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

If you want to build extreme wealth without sacrificing your happiness and health, grab a copy of $100M Careers.
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(Not So) Corporate Raj : A Management Novel

"(Not So) Corporate Raj is both a critique of big corporate culture, as well as an in-depth look at the theories behind consumer goods business management. It tells the tale of middle-aged Indian sales whiz Raj Khan, who makes a career move from his local South Asian branch of a large multinational corporation to the company's London headquarters. As he struggles through the change in culture and more rigid business practices, he becomes a pariah within the organisation and eventually embraces
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$10 Save Me

Autobiography: Born in Kingston, Jamaica, where I grew up, life was tough, but I passed through the worst. I graduated from a secondary school in 1977, and through a program called Youth Service, I taught at the same school with the help of some of my teachers for one year. At the end of the program, I was hired by the Ministry of Education as a pretrained teacher from 1978-1981. At the end of the summer holidays of the same year, 1981, I started my nursing career and graduated in 1984 as
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?Como Salir y Vivir Libre de Deudas?

El proposito de esta guia es ayudarte a establecer un orden en tus finanzas y arrogar luz de como puedes administrar los recursos que se te han sido confiado. La falta de control sobre nuestros recursos nos hace propensos a adquirir, sin darnos cuenta, diversas deudas, creyendo que podemos pagarlas sin ningun problema o contratiempo. Tener deudas genera estres, preocupacion y desconcierto. Esta situacion se convierte en una pesadilla ya que cada cierto tiempo necesitaremos de una suma adicional
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#WeAreRent Book 1 : Capitalism, Cannibalism and why we must outlaw Free Riding

To overcome the economic aftermath of Covid-19 and empower people to "build back better", our world needs a new social paradigm. That model would need to launch humanity on to a moral growth path by enabling societies to survive the looming existential crises which, Fred Harrison reveals, will converge as a result of the peak in house prices in 2026. That paradigm exists, explains the author, in the form of a financial anti-dote to what economists call "rent seeking". In testing his thesis, the
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!Como Obtener y Conservar la Atencion de Tu Prospecto! : Frases Magicas para Redes de Mercadeo

Dos distribuidores se reunen con el mismo prospecto. Uno de ellos obtiene un nuevo miembro en su equipo. El otro se va a casa con las manos vacias. ?Cual fue la diferencia? Las palabras que se usaron. Ciertas frases capturan la atencion de nuestros prospectos lo suficiente para que podamos transmitir nuestro mensaje de ventas. Los prospectos se enfocan en un pensamiento a la vez. Queremos que ese pensamiento sea sobre nosotros. ?La moneda mas importante de este siglo? Atenci
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#BragOutLoud : The Simple Solution To Finding More Joy

The #BragOutLoud movement revolutionizes how we talk about our triumphs and our struggles--empowering us to 'brag' as a birthright instead of seeing it as a dirty, four-letter word. The path to more energy and joy is officially in your hands, and it couldn't be easier - in 90 seconds a day or less!
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#Breakthrough : Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence and Authority

What's your digital business advantage? #Breakthrough is for business innovators that want to transform their business online. It positions these digital leaders to think in a clearer, logical, more strategic manner for moving their business forward with strategic digital marketing, digital workflows and with the disciplines of digital leadership.
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[Re]Create the Organization You Really Want! : Leadership and Organization Design for Sustainable Excellence.

This book combines over 25 years of experience with research that resulted in two award-winning, peer-reviewed frameworks. The Leadership and Design Frameworks are integrated into a 14-step Blueprint for leading the journey to sustainable excellence.
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#Disrupt Me Now : From Corporate Cog to Community Collaborator

Have you ever dreamed of leaving the corporate world? #DisruptMeNow is not a book for the faint-hearted. It is for you if you fear your best days are slipping by as the corporate python slowly strangles you and sucks away your life. You can choose a different path! This book shows you how one man changed his life, and you can too.
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!Como Obtener Seguridad, Confianza, Influencia Y Afinidad Al Instante! : 13 Maneras De Crear Mentes Abiertas Hablandole A La Mente Subconsciente

Utiliza estas tecnicas claras, probadas en campo, para construir esa afinidad instantanea con las demas personas y, despues, todo lo demas sera mas facil.
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