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The Kenyan TJRC : An Outsider's View from the Inside

This book will appeal to readers interested in Kenya, Africa, international criminal justice, and transitional justice. The Kenyan TJRC will also interest general readers curious about the internal workings and political dynamics of a truth commission that struggled to succeed in the face of continued questions about its legitimacy.
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Securing judicial independence : The role of commissions in selecting judges

As Justice Kate O’Regan notes in the Introduction to this book: “Appointing independent, competent and trusted judges is central to ensuring the rule of law in a democracy.
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The Law and Policy of the World Trade Organization: Text Cases and Materials

Retaining its signature clarity and depth, this fully updated edition of the market-leading World Trade Organization (WTO) textbook covers both the institutional and substantive law of the WTO. The Law and Policy of the World Trade Organization is required reading for all WTO law students and practitioners. Questions, assignments and online exercises aid student understanding and engagement.
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Rule of law : A memoir

Over a legal career spanning 26 years, advocate Glynnis Breytenbach earned a reputation as one of the country’s most formidable state prosecutors, her infamous stare piercing the defences of many.
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The Constitutional Protection of Private Property in China: Historical Evolution and Comparative Research

This book analyses the historical development of constitutional doctrines about private property in China. It compares the application of three exact doctrines - public use, just compensation and due procedure - in China, the United States, Germany and India, and predicts future progress and feasible measures for gradual reform in China.
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Resistance and Change in the International Law on Foreign Investment

The attempt to create a neoliberal regime of investment protection resulted in resistance and changes in the legal rules. This book analyses the nature of those changes, considers their adequacy and explores the scope for future changes. It also considers the possibility of change in terms of resistance to power.
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The Good Lawyer : A Student Guide to Law and Ethics

Written by a legal ethics expert, The Good Lawyer encourages the development of a sense of social and moral responsibility. It is an invaluable reference for students considering a law degree, or a career in law, and for new lawyers seeking more insight into the moral dimensions of their profession.
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The Impact of Institutions and Professions on Legal Development

This volume of essays explores and evaluates the influence of legal professions and institutions on fault liability across Europe between 1850 and 2000. A range of expert contributors analyse developments in England, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.
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The drafting of wills

There is no room for error in the drafting of Wills because when a Will comes into effect the testator is not present to revise, amend, interpret or give instructions as to his intentions.
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The Law of family in South Africa

This title is core material for the undergraduate law module on the law of family. The text covers all the concepts of family from the perspectives of the different types of unions, including civil unions and customary marriage, children in the family perspective, parental responsibilities and rights, and family law in practice.
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The credit law of South Africa

The credit law of South Africa is based on the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 and should be studied by every person in South Africa. Everybody has a responsibility as far as buying goods or receiving services on credit, or obtaining funds and paying back at a later date.
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