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International Law

International Law is the definitive text on the subject for all from undergraduate students to professional lawyers. Updated to reflect key recent case law, international practice and treaty developments, the author offers an unbeatable combination of academic rigour and clarity of expression to enable both understanding and critical analysis.
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International Law Reports: Volume 166: Volume 166

Volume 166 reports on, amongst others, the judgment of the International Court of Justice on Ahmadou Sadio Diallo (Republic of Guinea v. Democratic Republic of the Congo) and the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights on Ocalan v. Turkey (No. 2).
R 3 228,07

Judge Pat Tebbutt remembers: A life spiced with variety

This Memoir covers Judge Tebbutt’s career as a radio and television commentator, advocate, judge, judge president of Botswana, businessman (managing director of Syfrets), chairman of the UCT Convocation, charity fund-raiser and public figure.
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International law

International Law offers a rigorous yet accessible introduction to public international law for students. Presenting a clearly structured conceptual framework, the text is designed to support understanding by providing a concise, coherent perspective of international law principles and systems at domestic, regional and international levels.
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Jurisprudence in an African Context is devoted to the philosophy of law, in a way that engages earnestly with African thought and the African context. The text features primary texts by leading African intellectuals, putting these into critical dialogue with Western theorists. It addresses core jurisprudential topics, such as the nature and functions of law, the manner in which judges do and should interpret the law, theories of distributive justice, and accounts of
civil and criminal justic
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Intellectual property law in SA

Authored as a collaboration between Spoor & Fisher and the Anton Mostert Chair of Intellectual Property at Stellenbosch University, Dean and Dyer's Digest of Intellectual Property Law presents a substantial, engaging and applied first course in intellectual property law.
R 599,21 R 704,95

International Human Rights

International Human Rights is the definitive guide to this diverse area of the law. The carefully selected extracts from primary and secondary materials and illuminating author commentary provide the reader with a sophisticated and thought-provoking analysis of the study of human rights within its wider social and political context.
R 679,96 R 799,95

International Law and International Relations

In this fully updated and revised edition, the authors explain the relationship between international law and international relations. Examining events such as the Iraq War and the Libyan intervention, and using different theoretical perspectives, they explain what international law is, how it works and how it changes.
R 540,00

Labour arbitration : With a commentary on the CCMA rules

Practical advice on all stages of arbitration, from the pre-arbitration stage to the issuing of the award are covered as well as the basic legal principles concerning disputes over alleged unfair dismissal, the basics of the law of evidence and how to prepare for and present a case at arbitration.
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Jurisprudence explores fundamental questions about law and justice from a philosophical and theoretical perspective. Rather than merely describing the field, the book provides rigorous evaluation of jurisprudential arguments and explains in clear, accurate and accessible terms, the complex and cutting-edge debates which define the field of contemporary jurisprudence.
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Jurisprudence : An introduction

This work is aimed at students about to embark on a course in jurisprudence, legal theory or legal philosophy. The author has analysed the various philosophies extensively, and has indicated the intensity of current jurisprudential debates in relation to South African law.
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Law and contemporary South African society

As an edifice to the impact of law in modern society, each essay systematically analyses the massive overhaul of the former oppressive laws by pro-active legislation and the consequent interpretation of those laws by an active judicial branch.
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