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Guide to Business Law

The sixth edition of Guide to Business Law offers a clear and practical introduction to the basic principles of commercial law. It covers a broad spectrum of subject areas within commercial law, in a concise, simple and straightforward manner. The text provides numerous examples and case illustrations, and a rich and diverse collection of teaching and learning resources, in order to support readers to understand and apply legal principles, to assess their
progress, and to successfully mas
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European Constitutional Language

Drawing together a wealth of literature, much of which has never been touched upon by scholarship in English, Jakab argues for a new understanding of European constitutional law discourse in its social, political and historical context. This remarkable book is essential reading for all scholars and students of constitutional theory.
R 1 815,79

Corporate law for commerce students

The Companies Act (No. 71 of 2008), as now amended by the Companies Amendment Act (No. 3 of 2011), introduced many concepts, principles and rules that were foreign to South Africa’s common law. However, the new Act does not indicate clearly to what extent it replaces the common law.
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Genres of critique : Law, aesthetics and liminality

Genres of critique seeks to open and explore the liminal space of critique at the intersection of law, aesthetics and politics. The essays in this volume elaborate and expand the meaning and significance of critique through an engagement with aesthetic forms.
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Human Rights Obligations of Business : Beyond the Corporate Responsibility to Respect?

This book provides a detailed critical evaluation of the Ruggie Framework and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, focusing on their non-binding character, the limited ambit and scope of corporate responsibility, the excessive focus on the role of states, and the failure to overcome obstacles in enforcing corporate obligations.
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Home affairs : Rethinking same-sex families and relationships in contemporary South Africa

Despite increasing visibility of same-sex relationships in South Africa, there remains a distinct lack of research and public discussion around same-sex family practices and related legislative and social issues.
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Human Rights Under State-Enforced Religious Family Laws in Israel, Egypt, and India

Yuksel Sezgin looks at the impact of state-enforced religious family laws on human rights in Israel, Egypt and India, identifies the various resistance strategies which rights activists have successfully mobilized in these jurisdictions and makes proposals for the integration of universal human rights principles into religious legal systems.
R 1 351,76

Cyberlaw@SA III

Cyberlaw@SA III is a specialist work aimed at researchers, lawyers, magistrates, judges, students as well as other professionals such as auditors, accountants, law enforcement offi cers, forensic investigators, IT managers and company directors who deal with the use and implications of technology on a daily basis.
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Hoe die nuwe kredietwet jou beinvloed/How the new credit law affects you

This booklet intends to inform consumers of their rights and obligations and it takes a quick look at ways in which consumers can ensure that their creditworthiness is maintained.
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Information, ethics and the law

Modern society is largely dependent on information, and "the right to know" is essential to any democracy.
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Employers guide to the employment equity act

This text focuses on guiding employers, managers, labour relations practitioners, trade unions and students alike in understanding and applying the provisions of South Africa's latest employment equity legislation - the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998.
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