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A Student's Guide To The VAT Act 2021

This guide has been written with specific reference to the Examinable Taxation Pronouncements (the tax syllabus) for the Initial Test of Competence (ITC) of SAICA. The Value-Added Tax syllabus content is reproduced and specifically cross-referenced to the Value-Added Tax Act.
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Accounting for Cambridge International AS and A Level: Student Book & Exam Success Guide Pack

This pack is a great way to prepare students fully for their exams. The Student Book is written by examiners and teacher trainers and completely covers the previous syllabus, first examination 2016. The Exam Success Guide offers clarity and focus for exam preparation, so students are equipped to achieve their best grades.
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Accounting Education : A Cognitive Load Theory Perspective

This book provides a comprehensive and critical overview of learning accounting. It illustrates that when learners need to mentally integrate two or more distinct items of information, it places unnecessary demands on cognitive load. The book discusses the cognitive load theory, which assumes that the task of mental integration increases the load on already limited working memory, and it does so to such an extent that learning may be severely impeded. The book also investigates how students
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A Dictionary of Finance and Banking

The dictionary defines terms from all aspects of personal and international finance, including financial trading, foreign exchange, derivatives, commercial and corporate banking, private investments and borrowing, central banking, monetary policy, and public and government finance.
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Accounting and auditing practices in Africa

This book comprises nine chapters drawn from the papers presented at the fourth annual conference of the African Accounting and Finance Association which took place in Somerset West, South Africa, in 2014.
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Accounting for Cambridge International AS and A Level

Support exam potential and lay foundations for students' future careers. Written to match the latest syllabus (9706), this resource covers all the key concepts, with targeted exam practice to build confidence. Case studies help students to understand current Accounting practice, preparing them for their future careers.
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Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown

Secure your financial future before the next big bubble bursts Aftershock provides a definitive look at the economic climate still ahead in 2015 and beyond and details the steps you can take now to secure your financial future.
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A Wealth of Common Sense: Why Simplicity Trumps Complexity in Any Investment Plan

A simple guide to a smarter strategy for the individual investor A Wealth of Common Sense sheds a refreshing light on investing, and shows you how a simplicity-based framework can lead to better investment decisions.
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A Guide to IFRS for SMES

The Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for Small and Medium Entities (SMEs) has been written to provide an easy-to-read-and-apply practical guide for both practitioners and students of accounting. The textbook combines theoretical aspects and the practical application of financial reporting.
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An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance

This textbook on the basics of option pricing is accessible to readers with limited mathematical training. It is for both professional traders and undergraduates studying the basics of finance. This third edition includes three new chapters, along with expanded sets of exercises and references for all the chapters.
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A Dictionary of Accounting

This authoritative A-Z contains over 3,800 clear and concise entries on all aspects of accounting, from financial and management accounting to auditing, taxation, and corporate finance. It includes worked examples, as well as recommended web links for many entries.
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