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Business functions

How do you define `business'? What do you think are the `functions' of a business? If you ask other people, you will likely get a different answer to yours. To get an authoritative view of how organisations do what they do every day and what the real role of a manager is, read this new edition of Business Functions.
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Business management: A contemporary approach

No business exists in a vacuum - it is impacted on by a constantly evolving world which presents new challenges and opportunities every day. To cope with these, a business should be proactive and adaptive, not just at an operational level, but at a functional and strategic level as well.
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Authentic Selling : How to boost your sales performance by being yourself

Boost your sales performance by coaching your clients through an authentic, respectful and empathetic journey to success. Be proud of being a seller by taking your life in hand, knowing why you do what you do and taking care of yourself. Focus on the essentials of your life and your sales profession.
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Africa is open for business : Ten years of game-changing headlines

Victor Kgomoeswana, well known as an African business expert with a profile on radio and television, shares 50 stories of innovation and opportunity behind the business headlines of the last ten years on the African continent, with some revised content since the first edition of the book in May 2014.
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And for all these reasons…I'm in : Essential advice for entrepreneurs

This isn't a how-to-build-your-business book, but rather one that offers insights into the thinking and experiences of people who have built businesses, have seen them fail, and have seen them shoot the lights out.
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Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

"With a new preface, fresh chapters, and updated case studies" --Back of jacket.
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Business statistics using excel

Business Statistics using Excel offers an excellent and helpful introduction to business statistics for students who require a first course, providing all of the explanation, tools, and skills which are required in order to master the subject matter. Thorough, clear and accessible, the text guides students in a progressive, step-by-step manner through the theoretical concepts and techniques, and supports understanding by providing extensive examples from a South African context. The text assum
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Barbarians At The Gate

The battle for the control of RJR Nabisco in the Autumn of 1988, which became the largest and most dramatic corporate takeover in American history, sent shock-waves through the international business world and became a symbol of the greed, excess and egotism of the eighties.
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A-Z Economics and Business Handbook

The constant course companion for A-level Economics and Business Studies, now with key terms at the click of a mouse!
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Brand Leadership

The leading consultant on branding returns with an instant classic: a top to bottom guide to winning the battle of the brands
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Be Extraordinary: The Greatness Guide Book Two : 101 More Insights to Get You to World Class

Do you want to find the inspiration, passion and enthusiasm to become extraordinary? Robin Sharma, author of no.1 international bestseller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, will excite, energize and elevate you to world class greatness with his remarkable insights and powerful tools.
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