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Food or War

Food is a central obsession in all cultures, the media, and society. Our future supply of food is filled with risk, and history tells us that lack of food leads to war. Julian Cribb describes a new food system capable of meeting our global needs on this hot and overcrowded planet.
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On Sheep : Diary of a Swedish Shepherd

Norwegian Wood meets The Tao of Pooh meets a flock of Swedish sheep in this playful, profound and philosophical diary written by a literary academic turned novice shepherd.
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Building Beehives For Dummies

Building Beehives For Dummies (9781119544388) was previously published as Building Beehives For Dummies (9781118312940). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product. The easy way to build your own beehives and beekeeping equipment Building Beehives For Dummies is the follow-up book to the bestselling Beekeeping For Dummies. It provides everything you need to learn how to build
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Sheepdogs at Work : One Man and His Dog

Shepherd Tony Iley believes it's one of the wonders of the world to see a good Collie working in harmony with his master. In his book he covers the history of the working dog, training from puppy onwards, trials, breeding and the experiences of handlers past and present. He tells his wonderful story of the relationship between one man and his dog.
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Principles of Horticulture: Level 2

A textbook for the level 2 RHS Certificate.
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Animal Welfare in Animal Agriculture : Husbandry, Stewardship, and Sustainability in Animal Production

What constitutes animal welfare? With animals being used for companionship, service, research, food, fiber, and by-products, animal welfare is a topic of great interest and importance to society. As the world's population continues to increase, a major challenge for society is the maintenance of a strong and viable food system, which is linked to the well-being and comfort of food animals. Animal Welfare in Animal Agriculture: Husbandry, Stewardship, and Sustainability in Animal Production expl
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Case studies of emerging farmers and agribusinesses in South Africa

Emerging" (or "black") farmers are often considered a homogenous group.
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Dictionary of Agriculture

Containing over 7,000 entries, this fully revised edition provides clear, up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of agricultural terms.
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Met Die Boere in Die Veld

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