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A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings

A fascinating, insightful and inspiring account of a novice beekeeper's year of keeping a colony of honeybees, which will appeal to readers of H is For Hawk and The Outrun
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The harvest kitchen

Building on the success of Christine Steven's first book, Harvest: Recipes from an Organic Farm, we now bring you The Harvest Kitchen. The Harvest Kitchen guides you through the seasons, the importance of eating seasonal produce and how to grow and prepare your own.
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Agriculture: Workbook

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Kirstenbosch is a name that resonates round the world as the home of a uniquely rich flora in a setting of unsurpassed beauty, and in 2013 Kirstenbosch celebrates its 100th anniversary. This centenary publication tells the story of its establishment, its setbacks and triumphs, its benefactors and heros.
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Case studies of emerging farmers and agribusinesses in South Africa

Emerging" (or "black") farmers are often considered a homogenous group.
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Beginner's guide to earthworm farming

If you are concerned about the health of our planet then turn your attention to what lies under your feet. In the soil below are creatures at work that play a pivotal role in producing the food we eat and impacting the quality of our food crops.
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Agricultural Extension and Rural Development : Breaking out of Knowledge Transfer Traditions

An alternative approach to rural research and development is discussed by introducing a methodology based on the needs and ideas of the farming community, rather than those of the researchers and funding bodies. This 1999 book will be of importance professionals involved in agricultural research and development, management and policy making.
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Pasture management in South Africa

Pasture management in South Africa covers all major aspects of pasture production and management.
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Pasture management in South Africa

'Covering all major aspects of pasture production and management in South Africa, this text's particular strengths are species selection, pasture establishment, fertilizer, grazing and forage management, and feed budgeting, amongst others.
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Biotechnology: Building on Farmers' Knowledge: Farmers' Research, Science and Equity in Agricultural Development

Focusing on the application of biotechnology to agricultural development, this work begins with a farmer's view, assesses farmer-based and science-based technology, and then looks at the socio-political context.
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Providing Food Security For All

This volume, the first in a series from IFAD on Rural Poverty, is a study of global food security, focused at the household level, which includes dozens of revealing figures, charts and tables.
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Veld management in South Africa

This text is a synthesis of research in veld production and management since the inception of the discipline as an agricultural science in the 1930s.
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