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Schools as organisations

The different perspectives of organisational theory in education. Considers the general characteristics of schools as organisations and the impact of organisational culture and relationships on school effectiveness.
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Introduction to research

Researchers are often confronted with problems in the writing and successful completion of a research report, dissertation or thesis. As an introduction to research methodology, Introduction to research offers much-needed assistance to researchers in their scientific research.
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Environmental education : and education for sustainability

The world is in an environmental crisis dominated by environmental issues and risks such as loss of biodiversity, pollution, deforestation, urbanisation and many others. For many commentators, the solution lies in the provision of adequate education, including environmental education.
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The educator as assessor

Assessment and learning are inextricably intertwined, as assessment determines whether learning is taking place, what learning took place, and what learning still needs to take place. Assessors are constant companions of learners throughout their lives, shaping their learning pathways and even determining the pace of their learning.
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The community development profession : Issues, concepts and approaches

The community development profession: issues, concepts and approaches is an informative resource for students and practitioners of community-based development as it faces the stumbling blocks of a new professionalism.
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Assignment writing

All students are required to write assignments. Despite this, there seem to be few books available that provide concise guidelines as to how to compile them.
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The effective management of a school : Towards quality outcomes

Effective school management requires that a school's human, physical and financial resources be managed in an integrated manner towards the ultimate goal of effective teaching and successful learning - an enormous task in today's ever-changing environment.
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Mental health care in Africa : A practical, evidence-based approach

Despite the fact that more than 80 per cent of mental health care users make use of African indigenous practitioners, previous texts on mental health care in Africa have focused predominantly on sharpening Western-based competence, while paying scant attention to local African practices.
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Om te skryf

Hoe leer jy skryf? Hoe skryf mens oor jouself, oor ander, oor plekke en gebeure of oor idees en oortuigings?
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Op die keper beskou : - oor die ontstaan van Afrikaans

Met kwessies rondom die wording van Afrikaans in al sy historiese varieteite, lewer Heinrich Grebe in Op die keper beskou – oor die ontstaan van Afrikaans 'n kritiese ontleding, samevatting en verwerking van verskillende standpunte en gegewens oor Afrikaans as taal.
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Victimology in South Africa

Victimology in South Africa contains a cutting-edge presentation of contemporary scholarly discourse that is relevant both contextually and globally, seeking to stimulate further empirical inquiry and theory development, and to inform policy and practice.
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Health and health care in South Africa

A coherent "big picture" of the evolving health system in South Africa, along with the ensuing changes and challenges. Attempts to contextualise these developments historically and globally, and to critically assess them.
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