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Science, Engineering and Technology Prescribed Textbooks for UNISA

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Game ranch management

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Epidemiology: A research manual for South Africa

Revision of: Epidemiology / edited by Gina Joubert, Rodney Ehrlich; contributing editors, Judy Katzenellenbogen, Salim Abdool Karim.
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Construction methods for civil engineering

Construction methods for civil engineering second edition is written for tertiary students who are studying towards a National Diploma or bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Civil engineering concepts are related to situations encountered in the field to enhance understanding of these concepts.
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Construction materials for civil engineering

An essential text for students registered for a Diploma in Civil Engineering.
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Empowering IT & CAT Teachers

Empowering IT & CAT Teachers (Elza Mentz, ed) is a methodological guide to effective teaching of the school subjects Information Technology (IT) and Computer Applications Technology (CAT).
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Cultural issues in health and health care

Culture and its impact on health assessment and interventions is widely recognised as an essential aspect of medical training.
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Drawing for civil engineering

Drawing for Civil engineering Second Edition has been revised and now includes computer applications and free Internet-downloadable software that can be used by students. The core function of this book is to cover the fundamentals of civil engineering drawing, draughting practice and conventions.
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Medicinal plants of Southern Africa

A photographic guide to the most commonly used and best known South African plant medicines, including their botany, main traditional uses and active ingredients. This edition has been fully updated to incorporate the latest research findings.
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An Introduction to Music Studies

Why study music? How much practical use is it in the modern world? This introduction proves how studying music is of great value both in its own terms and also in the post-university marketplace. All main aspects of the subject are covered, including composition, theory, world musics and music technology.
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Environment : An Interdisciplinary Anthology

A comprehensive guide to environmental literacy. It demonstrates how the sciences, social sciences, and humanities contribute to understanding our interrelationships with the natural world. It presents an imaginative array of texts, from scientific papers to poetry, legal decisions to historical accounts, personal essays to economic analysis.
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A Primer of Conservation Genetics

For those with a limited background in genetic studies, this entry level text is presented in an easy-to-follow format with main points and terms clearly highlighted. Worked examples are provided throughout to help illustrate key equations and a glossary and suggestions for further reading provide additional support.
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Cambridge World Archaeology: The Archaeology of Southern Africa African Edition

Some of the earliest human populations lived in Southern Africa, and evidence from sites there has inspired key debates on human origins and on the emergence of modern humans.
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