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Financial management

Now in its 9th edition, Financial Management is the leading text on the theory and application of corporate finance in southern Africa. Set against the backdrop of a globalising world economy and recent developments in financial markets, the text refers to real-world applications and financial decisions by South African companies.
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Entrepreneurship and how to establish your own business

Did you know that, in South Africa, 70% to 80% of small businesses fail within the first five years of their establishment? Research indicates that this failure is often due to a lack of understanding of basic business concepts by the entrepreneur.
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Accounting for all

Accounting for All 3rd edition aims to help students master introductory accounting courses, and covers the key topics in the financial accounting and cost accounting disciplines.
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Global business management

Political disruptions, civil unrest, natural disasters and slowing economies in the developed and developing world have made the financial markets increasingly volatile, challenging multinational corporations in offshore locations and global business operations in general.
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Analysis of safety incidents

Workplace incidents and accidents affect businesses long after the incidents occur. The interruption of busi¬ness activities and running equipment results in financial loss. Injuries suffered by people damage a business’s image and competitive edge, and demotivate employees.
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Identifying and analysing safety risk

Identifying and analysing safety risks sees a discussion of the various aspects pertaining to safety risk, including the identification of risk and classification of risk. This book also takes an in-depth look at safety hazards and their origins, the legal requirements pertaining to safety risk and the analysis of safety risk.
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e-Marketing in the South African context

Teaching you how to use online tools to reach your customers. In today's increasingly digital world, marketing is going online. From companies to individuals, people are seeking new and creative ways to promote their products and themselves in the virtual realm.
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Fundamentals of branding

As an introduction to branding, Fundamentals of branding provides students with an overview of the building blocks of branding.
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Advertising and sales promotion

Advances in technology and the change in customer profiles have changed advertising and sales as they have traditionally been conceived. Advertising and sales promotion focuses on the main advertising media and sales approaches and the impact these have on the demands and pace of effective communication in the current digital age.
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Integrated organisational communication

Communication is often described as the glue that binds an organisation, enabling interaction with its customers, agents and the broader public.
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An introduction to communication studies

Although the theory is based on material used in the USA and other overseas universities, South African students will be able to identify with the local examples, TV programmes and other mass media, and the political and social experiences referred to in this title, many of which have been localised to reflect the South African context.
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Fundamentals of sales and marketing

It is widely recognised that sales and marketing are the two business functions that contribute directly to the bottom line of any organisation. Marketing is more than a sequence of steps or a strategic process; it is also a mindset that leads to good business philosophy.
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