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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management 10th edition is a comprehensive introduction to human resource management.
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Entrepreneurial skills

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Auditing legislation and standards

This book consists of three parts. Part One: Legislation, Part Two: The King Code and Report, and Part Three: The International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.
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Corporate Citizenship

What does corporate citizenship entail? What is the rationale for corporate citizenship? What essential capabilities are required for corporate citizenship roles to be successfully incorporated into the key functional areas of business? Corporate Citizenship answers these and numerous other related questions, by providing a comprehensive foundation that equips students with the tools to analyse the development and implementation of globally responsible business
behavior. While corporate citi
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Fundamentals of insurance

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Economics for South African Students

Economics for South African students is a comprehensive introduction to economics in general, set against a contemporary South African background. The easy style and many practical examples make this publication extremely accessible.
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Entrepreneurship a South African perspective

Entrepreneurship – a South African perspective provides an overview of entrepreneurship and important related topics in the field of entrepreneurship.
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Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

Contemporary issues in Human resource management 4th edition presents both global and local perspectives on the issues that human resource management face in the modern workplace.
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An Introduction to Sustainable Development

This fourth edition has been comprehensively rewritten and updated to provide a concise, well illustrated and accessible introduction to the characteristics, challenges and opportunities of sustainable development with particular reference to developing countries. The contested nature of sustainable development is explored through a detailed consideration of changing ideas and practices within environmentalism and development thinking. The text identifies the different actors involved (from inst
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Basic business finance

This title introduces you to the exciting and most important world of basic business finance. The text endeavours to answer questions such as: How do I interpret the figures on a balance sheet and an income statement? What is the meaning of the concepts 'capital', 'income' and 'profit'?
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International Communication : Continuity and Change

This bestselling text is a unique introduction to the complex political, economic and technological context in which multinational media and culture operates. With new case studies and pedagogical features, the book is compulsory reading for all media and communication studies students.
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Farm management : Financial planning, analysis and control

The modern farmer is confronted with almost insurmountable problems such as rising costs, lower product prices and escalating interest rates on the purchase of farming land.
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