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Alaskan Lonely Hearts Club : And Other Unlikely Travel Tales

Vignettes of travel writing from around the globe in 26 A - Z stories, peopled with eccentric characters
R 130,00

4x4 Travel guide: Eastern Africa

This comprehensive planning guide to 4x4 travel through eastern Africa (Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia) is based on first-hand travel experience. Introductory chapters give detailed general information and guidance on itineraries, what to take, potential costs, fuel availability, road conditions, security issues, etc.
R 200,00

Burchell's travels : The life, art and journeys of William John Burchell | 1781–1863

Just over 200 years ago, in 1810, a 30-year-old Englishman named William Burchell landed in Cape Town after a four-year stint as a naturalist on St Helena island.
R 320,00

A fountain in France

More than a decade ago Marita van der Vyver emigrated to France where she married a Frenchman and settled in the scenic countryside of Provence. Having become famous for a novel built on fairy tales, her life resembles that of a princess meeting her prince charming.
R 240,00

Daai Ding Loop in Jou Bloed : Op Reis Deur Die Namahartland

Twee vriendinne besluit om die spoor van die die Nama-mense (afstammelinge van die Khoi-Khoi) van die Noord-Kaap te volg, maar wat begin het as 'n soeke na "objektiewe" feite en inligting, het mettertyd gelei tot 'n proses van selfondersoek.
R 180,00

A Turn in the South

A thoughtful and beautifully crafted epilogue to the history of slavery - essential reading for anyone interested in American history.
R 270,00

An Area of Darkness : His Discovery of India

A luminous and challenging work of autobiographical travel writing.
R 230,00

Among the Believers : An Islamic Journey

An astonishing piece of travel writing and a timely and insightful analysis of Islamic fundamentalism.
R 340,00

Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples

A fascinating follow-up to Among the Believers by one of our most brilliant writers.
R 310,00

Dark continent my black arse

Dark Continent, My Black Arse is Sihle Khumalo's personal and often hilarious account of his perception of Mama Africa, based on his journey from Cape to Cairo by public transport - bus, boksie, matola ...
R 280,00

Blue ice : Travels in Antarctica

To most people, Antarctica is the white smudge at the bottom of the world map. Few realise that it's almost the size of Africa and that its wild weather and currents dominate the planet.
R 300,00

Alone among the Zulus

This narrative of Catherine Barter's journey to the Zulu country describes the Zulu kingdom in 1855 when it was still politically and economically independent.
R 95,00