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#travelsend : poems @ travel's end

Travel is inseparable from storytelling; yet travel, these pressing poems worry, may contribute more to the climate-crisis problem than it solves.
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100 Tips for Visiting Iceland : Save Money, Time, and Stress When Planning Your Iceland Vacation!

In February of 2022, we are released our third book about Iceland. 100 Tips for Visiting Iceland will help any tourist visiting Iceland to have an amazing vacation. If you're planning to visit Iceland, the amount of information out there can feel overwhelming. How long should you stay for? Should you go all the way around Ring Road? How do you get your cell phone working? What about if you get sick? Here are (more than!) 100 tips you won't find in most guidebooks. It's an essential companion wh
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100 Countries, 5,000 Ideas 2nd Edition : Where to Go, When to Go, What to Do, What to See

Fully updated and featuring 11 new countries, the second edition of this best-selling travel guide highlights 5,000 ideas across 100 countries around the world.
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103 Other Adventures In and Around Rome : Beyond the Biggies like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Vatican

Guidebook to Rome and Lazio's sites you need to visit on your next trip. Includes adventures related to history and art, and from the mountains to the beaches.
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'101' Views of the Victoria Falls

The '101 Views' of the Victoria falls exposes the different geographical area with sights of thew falls. There are certain areas of the falls where a full rainbows can be seen very well, while in another area the best views will be that of the the geographical strata. All these areas and many more will offer the visitor value money while is a lifetime memories of one of the seven wonders of the world. Its ideal for first time visitor to the falls and may be used to rekindle memories of the fall
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100 Italian Short Stories for Beginners Learn Italian with Stories with Audio : Italian Edition Foreign Language Bilingual Book 1

This book contains100 entertaining Italian short stories or beginners and intermediate learning level. It comes with audio in one MP3 file which contains the more extensive stories.
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100 Locas in Rome : Reveal their favorite restaurants, coffee bars, and secret spots

In this new crowd-sourced guide of the eternal city, 100 Romans share with you their secret spots, their top restaurants and their favorite bars.
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100 Locals in Rome : Rome: Reveal Their Favorite Restaurants, Coffee Bars, and Secret Spots

In this new crowd-sourced guide of the eternal city, 100 Romans share with you their secret spots, their top restaurants and their favorite bars. Savvy travelers may already know some of these recommendations in Rome, but most are surprising additions you will be hard pressed to find on the usual-suspect 'trip advisory' sites.
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101 Things to Do on Lake Minnetonka

Do you know what Frank Lloyd Wright, Lizzie Borden, and the Andrew Sisters all had in common? You can find these answers and more in the book, 101 Things to Do on Lake Minnetonka. The book offers 101 reasons why Lake Minnetonka is simply the best lake in Minnesota.
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