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Austin Seven

The story of first British car for ordinary people, told by the editor of the Pre-War Austin Seven Club magazine and supported by rare and unpublished illustrations.
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101 Iconic Classic Vintage Cars And Trucks Coloring Book - The Ultimate Automobile Collection For Adults and Teens : Standard Edition

GIFTS FOR FATHER - VINTAGE CARS AND TRUCKS - ADULT COLORING BOOK Put your creativity in the driver's seat with 101 Iconic Classic Vintage Cars And Trucks Coloring Book - The Ultimate Automobile Collection. This is the ultimate classic vehicle coloring book that has been expertly curated for adults and teens alike. This book features over 100 illustrations and provides an immersive outlet for relaxation, creative exploration, and a trip down the memory lane of classic automobiles. Jo
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At Close Quarters : PT Boats in the US Navy

At Close Quarters: PT Boats in the U.S. Navy, first published in 1962, is the official Navy history of Patrol Torpedo (PT) boats during World War II. The book opens with a look at PT boat design and construction, naval activities in the Philippines and the evacuation of MacArthur from Corregidor (conducted via PT boat by the book's author, himself a PT skipper), followed by chapters on PT activities in the Pacific (including the Aleutian Island campaign), plus the Mediterranean and English Chan
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38 : Traveling My Life in Fast-Forward

Imagine believing from a young age that you would die at thirty-eight. How would you live your life differently? This belief drove Michele Smith to live her life in fast-forward. In her memoir, 38, the former model, actress, and host of American Thunder shares the adventures that arose from her certainty that her time on this earth was short. Follow her from her small hometown in Pennsylvania across countries, cultures, and careers as she uses candor and humor to discuss her true love in li
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Airplane Stories and Histories

AIRPLANE STORIES AND HISTORIES chronicles two hundred years of aviation highlights including the exploits of pioneers such as Sir George Cayley, the Wright brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Wiley Post, Amelia Earheart, R. J. Mitchell, Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, Allan Loughead, Frank Whittle, and Kelly Johnson. Notable events and developments are discussed, first Atlantic flights, World War airplanes, jet engine development and post-war dedesigns. It concludes with a discussion of new designs...
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Alfie and Pepper Go on the Narrowboat

Alfie and Pepper are best friends and live together. Each day they wake up and experience a different adventure. Alfie learns so much from his best friend Pepper. Today they go on a narrowboat. Alfie and Pepper - Two Different Dogs - Many Adventures
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A Wrench in the Wings : Life Lessons from an Aircraft Mechanic

A Wrench in the Wings is a compilation of columns written for Air Maintenance Update magazine. Spending all my adult life either fixing aircraft or teaching others to carry on in that profession has been an enlightening journey. Based on stories that I related to my aircraft maintenance students, the benefits were three-fold. First, it tended to keep their attention with real insight into daily life as an aircraft mechanic. Second, it gave me a chance to show the more human side of myself while
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61 Lessons From The Sky

Military HelicoptersRead the lessons learned from near misses by experienced military pilots. Their lessons could save your life.Get the lessons from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom with crews featured from the RAF, RCAF, RAAF, UK ARMY, USAF, USCG, USN, US ARMY, and USMC. Learn from the experiences of military helicopter pilots so you don't become another air incident statistic. Packed with 61 easy-to-read lessons, this is a new survival guide for all helicopter p
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Around the World on Two Wheels : An Old Man's Journeys through 76 Countries

The true adventures of a 91-year-old man who has ridden (and is riding) his Honda Gold Wing motorcycle to all corners of the globe. Ride along with Hans Karlsson and take in beautiful vistas, exotic locations, world-famous sites, little-traveled backstreets, and wonderful people of all kinds. Includes photos.
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Arkansas & Missouri Railroad : History Through the Miles

Route guide and history of the Arkansas& Missouri Railroad.
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America's Local Service Airlines

Following WWII, with the encouragement of the U.S. government, airline service was expanded across the nation to include smaller towns and cities. This book tells the history of the 13 Local Service Airlines that were established to provide these services on a regional basis.
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50 Tales of Flight : From Biplanes to Boeings.

"50 Tales of Flight" captures the magic of flight from the ground up. The flight deck door has now been opened, taking the reader aloft in everything from biplanes to Boeings. From the alarm clock buzzing to begin the airline pilot's day to the threatening sound of silence when a light aircraft's engine fails and all that lies beneath are trees and cliffs. There are moments of pulse-racing tension and others of humorous relief to be found amongst this collection of stories from Owen Zupp's thir
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