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English First Add. Language

English First Add. Language
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Ace It! English (FAL): Grade 9

English FAL grade 9 important tips, advice and information to help you progress to grade 10 with confidence. If you feel confused about the difference between a narrative and argumentative essay, or you can't tell a metaphor from a simile, then ace it!
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English today CAPS: Gr 9: Teacher's guide : First additional language

What makes the English first additional language Today course unique? 2 complete sets of mid-year and end-of-year examination papers; one set for practice, one set for testing; the learner has everything in the learner’s book – notes, rubrics, exercises, tests and homework exercises!; skills boxes provide added help and guidance.
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English first additional language : Grade 9 : Teachers Guide

This book is part of the branded Shuters Top Class series which has the following features: Covers all the requirements of the CAPS document for each subject, Offers step-by-step guidance for the teacher, Has a simple, user-friendly page design, Provides a Teacher's Guide and extra resources for the teacher in a Pack.
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English first additional language : Grade 9 : Reader

Your Shuters Top Class English First Additional Language Grade 9 Core Reader contains the following: Short Stories, Poems, Folktales, A Drama.
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English Today First Additional Language: Grade 9: Learner's Book

Trust TODAY to be up-to-date and fresh for the classroom. Opportunities for revision, exam practice and assessment throughout. Develops language skills alongside subject knowledge. All content is fully CAPS-compliant. Your easy-to-use complete classroom solution!
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Ingcinga enkulu kaRufaro

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