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Ace It! Afrikaans (FAL): Grade 9

Afrikaans FAL grade 9 all the content that scares you is given to you in a simple and easy-to-learn way. Studying for afrikaans can feel intimidating - there's so much to learn and you don't always understand it. Ace it! Afrikaans first additional language grade 9 can help you feel less nervous about it all.
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Ace It! English (FAL): Grade 9

English FAL grade 9 important tips, advice and information to help you progress to grade 10 with confidence. If you feel confused about the difference between a narrative and argumentative essay, or you can't tell a metaphor from a simile, then ace it!
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Afrikaans sonder grense KABV: Gr 9: Onderwysersgids : Eerste addisionele taal

Afrikaans sonder grense Eerste addisionele taal is noukeurig gestruktureer en geskryf om aan al die vereistes van die nasionale Kurrikulum- en Assesseringbeleidsverklaring (KABV) te voldoen. Die kursus neem jou kwartaal-vir-kwartaal deur die kurrikuluminhoud en poog om by die behoeftes in jou klaskamer aan te pas.
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English first additional language : Grade 9 : Reader

Your Shuters Top Class English First Additional Language Grade 9 Core Reader contains the following: Short Stories, Poems, Folktales, A Drama.
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Afrikaans sonder grense KABV: Gr 9: Leesboek : Eerste addisionele taal

Afrikaans sonder grense is ’n volledige taalreeks vir Afrikaans as Eerste Addisionele Taal. Die taalreeks strek van Graad 1 tot Graad 12 en voldoen aan al die vereistes van die Nasionale Kurrikulum- en Assesseringsbeleidsverklaring (NKABV).
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Beautiful Hope Caps: Beautiful hope CAPS: Grade 9 Gr 9

How far must we go to reach our goals? How much must we sacrifice? What connects us to people we meet along the way? Dukuza and Nomona leave their rural homes in search of fame. Ambition tears them apart and they go through difficult times. Eventually they do win some recognition - Dukuza as a playwright, Nomona as dancer - but at a price.
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Akusekho konwaba CAPS: Grade 9 : Home language

Umfana oselula owayesenkundleni yamatyala yayingu-Obi Okonkwo, igosa eliphezulu kwiNkozo yobuRhulumente. U-Obi Okonkwo wayetyholwa ngokwamkela isinyobo. `Andisifumani isizathu esibangele ukuba uvumele ukunyotywa,' yatsho iJaji, `Ungumfana oselula ofundileyo. Umfana oselula esijonge lukhulu kuye.
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Leli yiqoqo lemidlalo enkundlanye. Eyethelevishini, neyomsakazo kenye neyeshashalazi. A collection of one-act plays, which includes radio, television and stage plays.
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