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Beweging: Graad 7

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Acids and bases: Gr 7

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Blitz Wiskunde: Blitz wiskunde: Gr 7 Gr 7

Blitz Maths is a fun way to develop the mental calculation ability of young learners. Each book in the series focuses on developing maths solving strategies, and then reinforcing those skills through practice. Blitz Maths is filled with a variety of activities that keep learning fresh and interesting, and are designed to make learning easy.
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Beginning at the End RD: Grade 7: Teacher's guide : Senior phase

Red Ribbon adopts a unique approach to dealing with the challenges posed by HIV and Aids. Red Ribbon is not only a set of resources, but also a carefully structured programme developed by experts and designed to take the child through the various points at which HIV and Aids may affect them.
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AIDS update

Are there new ways of preventing the spread of HIV? What progress are scientists making in their search for a vaccine? The HIV/AIDS pandemic is changing all the time. Researchers are discovering new things about how the disease is spread, how it can be prevented and how to treat people who are HIV-positive.
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