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English Readers
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The Klipspringers : Gr 7

It's school holidays and the group of friends known as the Klipspringers are back together again on Boekenhout Game Reserve. Tshepo and Luke cannot believe how much Nicky has changed. She won't take part in their tricks anymore. Instead, her attention is on Sindi - a new girl that the Klipspringers are forced to include in their holiday activities.
R 89,95

Ba jelwe ke pelo nkise

Setswalle sa boena pakeng tsa Mokone se tlola moedi o dumelletsweng ba sa hlokomele. Hona ho baka ho se tshepahale le maqiti a ho tjhehelana difi pakeng tsa bona le balekane ba bona.
R 219,00

Focus on map skills / Verken kaartlees-vaardighede

Fully CAPS compliant. Opportunities for exam practice and assessment. Complete Programme of Assessment provided. Used and tested in schools throughout South Africa. Supports and engages learners for success.
R 344,00