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English First Add. Language
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Guidelines English grammar for the senior phase (CAPS): Grade 7: Study guide

The Blue Book Series has been helping learners pass since 1971. There is a new set of Grammar Guidelines for the Senior Phase. These are CAPS-compliant and easy to use. This Guidelines English Grammar for the Senior Phase offers brief, clear explanations
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English Today First Additional Language

Trust Today to be up-to-date and fresh for the classroom.; Opportunities for revision, exam practice and assessment throughout.; Develops language skills alongside subject knowledge.; All content is fully CAPS-compliant.; Your easy-to-use complete classro
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English todayCAPS: Gr 7: Teacher's guide : First additional language

What makes the English first additional language Today course unique? 2 complete sets of mid-year and end-of-year examination papers; one set for practice, one set for testing; the learner has everything in the learner’s book – notes, rubrics, exercises, tests and homework exercises!; skills boxes provide added help and guidance.
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My sister is missing : Grade 7

The book includes notes explaining the structure of a novel, questions to practise literary skills and a glossary. Mouse searches for Cassie, his kidnapped sister in a desperate search and is drawn into a dangerous world of drug lords.
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Illustrated Dictionary of Natural Sciences and Technology Today: Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9

The Illustrated Dictionary of Natural Sciences and Technology TODAY is the complete guide to key concept words for Natural Sciences and Technology. Designed especially for the National Curriculum, this classroom resource offers learners much needed language support.
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