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A A Sad Story and a Happy Story: Spot On English: A sad story and a happy story: Grade 3, Level 1: Big Book Gr 3: Big Book Level 1

Get your learners reading! Spot On readers contain delightful South African stories, a variety of interesting characters and beautiful illustrations to get learners excited about reading. Spot On readers are developed by a team of language specialists and teachers.
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10 Stars literacy: Grade 3: Workbook

Introducing 10 Stars Literacy - a workbook designed to support the development of Literacy in Grade 3. 10 Stars Literacy covers the core concepts of reading, writing and phonics and offers the learner the opportunity for practice as well as comprehensive, independent support at home or in the classroom.
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Aja Makes a Plan : A Neighbours Story

The neighbourhood children have to cross a very busy, dangerous road to get to school.
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A Hot Day : A Neighbours story

The children in the neighbourhood are very hot and decide to swim in the river.
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A Trip to the Library : I Can Read

Vuyo and his brother love stories. and they go to the library with their mother.
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A Swimming Lesson : Water

This book is a photographic story that shows what happens during a swimming lesson.
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A Fancy Fruit Salad : Shape

A group of friends arrive at Tumi's house. Each friend brings a piece of fruit.
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A Big, Black Pot : Food

This rhyming story is about a mother preparing supper for her children.
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A Bull with Super Powers : I Can Read

This is an imaginary story about a boy who has a bull with magic powers.
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A Busy Day for Anjali : Work

Anjali's mother is a doctor at a children's hospital and Anjali spends a day there.
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Alphabet Frieze

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Includes 26 scenes which depict a Letterland character surrounded by objects beginning with the target sound. This children's alphabet book helps children in promoting phonemic awareness and vocabulary development.
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