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A brave dog

The Cub Reading Series is a carefully graded set of readers which teach and instill a love of reading in the Foundation Phase. It has been designed for the young southern African learner by South African authors.
R 47,18 R 55,50

10 Stars literacy: Grade 2: Workbook

Introducing 10 Stars Literacy - a workbook designed to support the development of Literacy in Grade 2. 10 Stars Literacy covers the core concepts of reading, writing and phonics and offers the learner the opportunity for practice as well as comprehensive, independent support at home or in the classroom.
R 73,95 R 87,00

A Busy Day for Anjali : Work

Anjali's mother is a doctor at a children's hospital and Anjali spends a day there.
R 40,80 R 48,00

A Bull with Super Powers : I Can Read

This is an imaginary story about a boy who has a bull with magic powers.
R 40,80 R 48,00

A Fancy Fruit Salad : Shape

A group of friends arrive at Tumi's house. Each friend brings a piece of fruit.
R 38,25 R 45,00

A Big, Black Pot : Food

This rhyming story is about a mother preparing supper for her children.
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A bolokesegile?

This title is found in the Little Library Literacy Kit. The Little Library programme, which consists of a Literacy Kit, Numeracy Kit and Life Skills Kit provides high-quality, indigenous books for the younger members of our communities. Is it safe?covers prepositions, money, family members and asking questions.
R 59,50 R 70,00

A good plan

A group of friends huddle together and come up with a good plan. Each friend has a job to do but the result is not quite what they had hoped for. So they make a new plan which is thought through more carefully and end up with a special play place in the end.
R 59,50 R 70,00

A Collection of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories

A beautifully illustrated collection of Rudyard Kipling's timeless animal tales.
R 320,00

A busy day at the clinic : Gr 2: Reader

The new Readers Are Leaders Reading Scheme for the Foundation Phase will enable teachers to promote the emergent literacy of young learners on their way to becoming independent readers.
R 70,95