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Afrikaans First Add. Language

Afrikaans First Add. Language
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Ace It! Afrikaans (FAL): Grade 10

Afrikaans FAL grade 10 creates links between what you need to know and what you already know. Too many learners approach their afrikaans studying with fear and worry - they forget that afrikaans is a language like any other and that many of the rules that apply to English also apply to afrikaans.
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Ace It! English first additional language : Grade 10

English FAL grade 10 annotated samples are included to help you to communicate effectively. By grade 10, your English language skills should be quite advanced. And, while English is often considered a difficult and tricky language, you should be confident enough to use it to communicate.
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Cambridge IGCSE English First Language 3ed + CD

Revised edition for the latest syllabus to help your students prepare for their examination and enhance their enjoyment of English.
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Let's practice English: Gr 10: Practice book : First additional language

Oxford Let's Practise English focuses on the more challenging aspects of writing and grammar and provides learners with opportunities to practise and master these skills. User-friendly and accessible, the series is ideal for use either in the classroom or for independent study at home.
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Piekfyn Afrikaans: Gr 10: Leerdersboek : Eerste addisionele taal

Piekfyn vir NKABV. Vir eerste addisionele taal. Piekfyn Afrikaans Graad 10 bevat piekfyn, hedendaagse leer- en onderrigmateriaal vir die van julle wat Afrikaans as eerste addisionele taal aanleer.
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