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A journey : Gr R - 3: Big book

This title forms part of the OBE compliant Little Library Numeracy Kit.
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A journey (English)

This title forms part of the OBE compliant Little Library Numeracy Kit.
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A bolokesegile?

This title is found in the Little Library Literacy Kit. The Little Library programme, which consists of a Literacy Kit, Numeracy Kit and Life Skills Kit provides high-quality, indigenous books for the younger members of our communities. Is it safe?covers prepositions, money, family members and asking questions.
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Abahlobo benene ababini

Two best friends live next door to each other. They love secrets. One day they decide to make a secret place, so they dig a hole that is big enough for them to squeeze into. They get stuck in the hole. Who helps them? Are they able to get out?
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This book is written in simple rhyming style and addresses the issues of inappropriate touches and child abuse. Without being specific it deals with a little girl's right to decide who may touch her and how.
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A good plan

A group of friends huddle together and come up with a good plan. Each friend has a job to do but the result is not quite what they had hoped for. So they make a new plan which is thought through more carefully and end up with a special play place in the end.
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A monkey family watches a human family having a picnic. They watch them drink beer and smoke cigarettes, and copy them after the humans leave. The curious monkeys feel ill from the beer and cigarettes and also set fire to the forest. Eventually they decide that some human habits are not worth copying.
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A o ka menogana?

In this fun look at the way humans and animals move their bodies; the reader is introduced to a rich vocabulary about movement. The title also focuses on the development of various animals from babies to full grown.
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10Ticks maths

10 Ticks Maths Workbooks for Grades 1–3 are a valuable resource for teachers, parents and learners. 10 Ticks Maths offers comprehensive, independent maths support to learners at home or in the classroom. Each 10 Ticks Maths workbook contains worksheets that take an average of 10 minutes to complete.
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