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English Readers

English Readers
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ABC: Grade 1: Reader

A is for anteater, B is for bear, C is for crocodile, D is for dog. What about the other letter of the alphabet?
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A to Z : Grade 1

This book will take you from Africa to Zebra. Along the way, find all the words that fit in-between.
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A Trip to the Library : I Can Read

Vuyo and his brother love stories. and they go to the library with their mother.
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A Hot Day : A Neighbours story

The children in the neighbourhood are very hot and decide to swim in the river.
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A Busy Day for Anjali : Work

Anjali's mother is a doctor at a children's hospital and Anjali spends a day there.
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Aja Makes a Plan : A Neighbours Story

The neighbourhood children have to cross a very busy, dangerous road to get to school.
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A Fancy Fruit Salad : Shape

A group of friends arrive at Tumi's house. Each friend brings a piece of fruit.
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Animal Dances : Dance

Different animal dances, round dances of bees to the way springboks pronk and dolphins leap.
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A Swimming Lesson : Water

This book is a photographic story that shows what happens during a swimming lesson.
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A Big, Black Pot : Food

This rhyming story is about a mother preparing supper for her children.
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Alphabets : I Can Read

There are three sections in this book plus a glossary: Alphabets, Morse code and Braille.
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A Bull with Super Powers : I Can Read

This is an imaginary story about a boy who has a bull with magic powers.
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