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!Adelante! : El plan de Dios para mi cuerpo

Celebrar, agradecer y aceptar nuestro cuerpo humano y sus facultades (tanto fisicas como psicologicas y espirituales) no es una tarea facil. A menudo, segun se presentan las etapas de la vida, un simple espejo puede cambiar nuestro enfoque y hacer que centremos nuestra atencion en la mera belleza externa. Sin embargo, esto ultimo nos lleva a olvidarnos de que la verdadera belleza radica en nuestra esencia, y esto incluye nuestra salud. !Adelante! El plan de Dios para mi cuerpo, es una guia que
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የንጉሡ መወለድ የመሥሪያ መጽሐፍ

Birth of the King Activity Book (Amharic version). Created for Jewish Voice Ministries International by Bible Pathway Adventures. For enquiries, contact Jewish Voice Ministries International.
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!Bajo Su Sombra! Volumen 2

!Bajo Su Sombra! Volumen 2 by David Mayorga In English: This book is a compilation of 40 days of prayer and fasting and was written with the intent to bring the reader to a higher place in God. Also, the author David Mayorga, brings about present-day truths to the forefront, as the Holy Spirit was unfolding them. For the hungry servant of Christ who longs to know Him deeper, the Bajo Su Sombra! (in Spanish) is an excellent tool that will bring the reader closer to Christ. Please note t
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!Bajo Su Sombra! Volumen 1

This book, which is comprised of daily devotions, was written with the intent, that the reader, would experience God in a deeper and more personal intimate way. Birthed out of forty days of prayer and fasting, these devotions are freshly presented for such a time as this. Written on a daily basis for forty days straight, the reader will be able to capture the daily revelations of the Lord as shown to the author by God's Holy Spirit. Our prayer is that the reader, both find times of refreshing a
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!Algo Tiene Que Cambiar!

(In English) In the content of this book, David Mayorga, brings forth the great need for a spiritual awakening in the life of the Christian believer. Many believers have the tendency to get close to God one day, and then grow lukewarm and even cold the next day. God wants His servants to be burning for Him. Outlined in this book, are 21 spiritual principles that point out the greatest need in the servant of the Lord's heart for a potential spiritual reformation. With humility, prayer a
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Ἡ Μετάφρασις τῶν Ἑβδομήκοντα και ἡ Καινη Διαθηκ

The Greek translation of the Hebrew and Aramaic texts commonly known as the Old Testament from the critical text by Henry Barclay Swete based on Codex Vaticanus (B) combined with the Open Greek New Testament version 3 (OGNT) published by Eliran Wong under a CCA-BY-SA 4.0 licence.
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!Despierta Israel! : Awaken, Israel (Spanish)

?Por que ha mantenido Dios sus ojos sobre el pueblo de Israel desde el principio del mundo hasta hoy? ?Que tipo de providencia ha preparado Dios para Israel en los ultimos dias mientras esperan al Mesias?
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The state of secularism : Religion, tradition and democracy in South Africa

The Dutch Reformed Church, it was said in apartheid South Africa, was the National Party at prayer, and indeed, given that the Bible was so fundamental to much of the legislation that governed the apartheid state, that apparently satirical description had the ring of truth.
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UbuNgqina bobuKrestu bama-Afrika

Yintlaninge yencwadi ezibhaliweyo zapapashwa kweli ngobuKrestu buphela nezimalunga neeNkonzo eziziMeleyo. Ezinye zibhalwe ziincakuba zeengqiqi buThixo ezinye zazo zibhalelwe uluntu. Kuzo zombini ezi nkalo akukho nenye ebhalwe ngamalungu ezi nkonzo.
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Die Witkerk

Die witkerk soos dit bekend staan is die eerste Staatskerk wat gebou is. Die Kerk is in Voortrekkerhoogte (Thaba Tshwane) en was die moedergemeente van Voortrekkerhoogte NG gemeentes.
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The God Delusion : 10th Anniversary Edition

The God Delusion caused a sensation when it was published in 2006. Within weeks it became the most hotly debated topic, with Dawkins himself branded as either saint or sinner for presenting his hard-hitting, impassioned rebuttal of religion of all types.
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Denis Hurley : Truth to power

Denis Hurley was a courageous opponent of South Africa's apartheid regime for 50 years, dubbed 'an ecclesiastical Che Guevara' by a South African official and 'guardian of the light' by Alan Paton.
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