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Religion, law and security in Africa

Security is a key topic of our time. But how do we understand it? Do law and religion take different views of it? In this fifth volume in the Law and Religion in Africa series, radicalisation, terrorism, blasphemy, hate speech, religious freedom and just war theories rub shoulders with issues of witchcraft.
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Weerlose weerstand

In Oktober 2015 het die Algemene Sinode van die NG Kerk ’n merkwaardige besluit oor selfdegeslagverhoudings geneem. Die besluit het erkenning gegee aan sulke verhoudings en dit vir predikante moontlik gemaak om gay en lesbiese persone in die eg te verbind.
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Religious pluralism, heritage and social development in Africa

What is heritage in Africa? Who defines and authorises heritage? Is heritage limited to tangible forms of land, resources and monuments, or do intangible forms of heritage, such as cultural and religious heritage, count equally or even more?
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Die Witkerk

Die witkerk soos dit bekend staan is die eerste Staatskerk wat gebou is. Die Kerk is in Voortrekkerhoogte (Thaba Tshwane) en was die moedergemeente van Voortrekkerhoogte NG gemeentes.
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A Force for Good : The Dalai Lama's Vision for Our World

'It is not enough merely to espouse a noble vision, the Dalai Lama tells us - we need to move toward it. The Dalai Lama's vision beckons us all. Every one of us can be a force for good' The Dalai Lama has for decades travelled the world, meeting people from all backgrounds and sharing with them his wisdom and compassion. In his encounters with everyone, from heads to state to inhabitants of shanty towns, he has come across similar problems: values that help the wealthy to advance beyond the poo
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Cambridge Studies in Religion, Philosophy, and Society: Ethics and Religion

Ethics and Religion deals with philosophical issues linking these two areas. It develops plausible forms of divine command theory and natural law, and defends belief in God and linking God to morality. The book is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students (including seminarians), teachers, and experts in the field.
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Religious freedom and religious pluralism in Africa : Prospects and limitations

This volume – compiling the proceedings of the third annual conference of the African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies – focuses on various issues which vastly effect the understanding of religious pluralism in Africa.
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Law and religion in Africa : The quest for the common good in pluralistic societies

The field of law and religion lies at the intersection of a variety of other disciplines, eg. law, theology, religious studies, political science, sociology and anthropology.
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The Screwtape Letters : Letters from a Senior to a Junior Devil

A milestone in the history of popular theology, `The Screwtape Letters' is an iconic classic on spiritual warfare and the power of the devil.
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An Introduction to the Phenomenology of Religion

Presents an introduction to the phenomenology of religion. This book describes the historical background to phenomenology by tracing its roots to developments in philosophy and the social sciences in the early twentieth century.
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The Age of Reason

Written between 1792 to 1795, whilst he was in prison, this book shocked 18th-century readers with its attack on the conventions of Christianity. Questioning beliefs and the role of religion in society, Paine's work continues to influence thinkers around the world today.
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The Religion of Man

A classic of religious literature packaged in an elegant and durable format, last published in 1988.
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