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100 Dae van Dankbaarheid : Vind Vreugde in Elke Dag

Mense wat dankbaar is gelukkiger, slaap beter, fokus is beter en is makliker om mee oor die weg te kom. Om meer dankbaar te leef is seker iets waarna ons almal probeer streef. Francine Prins, redakteur van LiG neem ons op ’n 100 dae reis van dankbaarheid.
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199 Gunsteling Bybelverse vir Mans

199 van die bekendste en mees geliefde teksverse sal elke dag hoop en bemoediging bied.
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100 Inspirational Quotes : And the Life-Changing Scriptures Behind Them

100 Inspirational Quotes from Beloved Bible Teacher Joyce Meyer, and the Life-Changing Scriptures Behind Them
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Namaste life : A novel

"I wish I had a sister who loved me so fiercely." Surya and Anjani are twins, but they could not be more different. Anjani is calm and responsible, while Surya just wants to party the days away. When they leave the safety of their affluent Durban suburb to attend university in the Eastern Cape, Anjani knows where her duty lies.
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On Hinduism

What is Hinduism? Historians, teachers, scholars, and gurus have disagreed for centuries-and continue to disagree. One reason is because Hinduism-the world's oldest continuously extant major religion-is not a single faith with a static set of beliefs and a single sacred scripture. It is actually a mixture of faiths that have evolved from the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent-a universal faith that is open to interpretation and evolving scientific truth, and one that deeply respects individu
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100 Ways to Simplify Your Life

In her trademark no-nonsense style, Meyer--television personality and head of Joyce Meyer Ministries--shows readers how to pare down their lives in order to achieve more.
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From the Heart of the Lotus

Over one hundred short stories from the East to inspire and instruct. Excellent for Buddhists and Yogis.
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The Law of Success : Using the Power of Spirit to Create Health Prosperity and Happiness

Filled with down-to-earth wisdom, "The Law of Success" provides a spiritual dimension to such topics as creativity, positive thinking, dynamic will, self-analysis, as well as the power of meditation. This potent book can inspire us all to move through obstacles, overcome fears, and invite success into our own lives.
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How You Can Talk with God

Demonstrates how we can all experience God's presence directly in our lives. It lucidity sets forth principles of effective prayer and what it takes to receive God's reply.
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Only Love: Living the Spiritual Life in a Changing World

Practical guidance from Sri Daya Mata on living the spiritual life in today's challenging world. All spiritual seekers will find her words, illumined by direct personal realization, to be a source of helpful and compassionate guidance.
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Metaphysical Meditations : Universal Prayers Affirmations and Visualisations

A book for the beginner and experienced meditator alike METAPHYSICAL MEDITATIONS has sold over 670,000 copies. This encouraging compact guidebook includes introductory instructions on how to meditate and features over 300 uniquely uplifting meditations prayers affirmations and visualisations composed by Paramahansa Yogananda.
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Holy Science

Swami Sri Yukteswar, the revered guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, outlines the universal path that every human being must travel to enlightenment. He also explains the vast recurring cycles of civilization, affording a profound understanding of history and the ever-changing panorama of turbulent world events.
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