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Ankers vir vandag

Elke Christen het ankers nodig, iets wat hulle vashou aan God om te keer dat hulle lewensbootjie op die rotse loop. Bekende sanger Nadine Blom wys die ankers waaraan ons moet vashou vir ons uit - maar wys ook watter goed wat ons vashou ons moet laat los.
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Bible Matters : Making Sense of Scripture

The Bible is God's Word. The Bible teaches us how we should live. The Bible is something we should read every day. The Bible is something we should delight to read. Most of us agree with these statements. At least in theory. But what's our reality? Sometimes reading the Bible is a delight. But if we're honest, many other times reading the Bible feels like hard work. We read out of a sense of obligation. And some of us have given up entirely. Tim Chester reminds us that every time we read the Bib
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A Week in the Fall of Jerusalem

It's A.D. 70. Jerusalem and its temple have been destroyed by the Romans. As Jews and Christians escape the terror, we travel with some of them through an imagined week of flight and faith. A scribe heads for Galilee in search of records of Jesus' life and teachings. And a company of women makes its way to a new life in Pella.
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An Introduction to Biblical Law

An informed, accessible textbook on law collections in the Pentateuch. In this book William Morrow surveys four major law collections in Exodus-Deuteronomy and shows how they each enabled the people of Israel to create and sustain a community of faith.

Treating biblical law as dynamic systems of thought facilitating ancient Israel's efforts at self-definition, Morrow describes four different social contexts that gave rise to biblical law: (1) Israel at the holy mountain (the T
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A Christian's Secret of a Happy Life

This inspiring message from beloved author Hannah Whitall Smith reveals the profound secrets of a happy and successful life.
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Becoming a Pastor Theologian

The Center for Pastor Theologians (CPT) seeks to overcome the bifurcation that has developed between the roles of pastor and theologian. Based on the first CPT conference in 2015, this volume brings together the reflections of church leaders and academic theologians to consider how these roles might be reconnected once again.
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A Shorter Guide to the Holy Spirit: Bible, Doctrine, Experience

Anthony Thiselton's scholarly book The Holy Spirit - In Biblical Teaching, through the Centuries, and Today was published to wide acclaim in 2013 and received a 2014 Christianity Today Book Award. This shorter volume makes Thiselton's vast biblical-theological knowledge and brilliant insight more accessible to more readers.
"A lucid introduction to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit by one of the leading biblical exegetes and theologians of our time... The magisterial way in which T
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Bait of Satan: Living Free from the Deadly Trap of Offense

The Bait of Satan exposes one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God--offense.
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A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles

People are taught to be separate from one another and to compete to get ahead, that they are not good enough the way they are. This work provides a spiritual travel guide back to the truth people were born with and and shows how to accept back into their hearts the love that has been denied.
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A Marriage Manual

A comprehensive contemporary resource for planning and conducting Christian marriage services and providing pastoral care for couples before and after the wedding. Includes sample wedding services from mainline denominations and suggestions for designing personalized services, selecting music, and developing church policy statements.
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