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Alternative belief systems

Alternative belief systems
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Inside the Atheist Mind

From USA Today bestselling author Anthony DeStefano, an entertaining retort to atheism and its proponents, revealing the intellectual bankruptcy at atheism's core and equipping Christians to respond to its hollow arguments.
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ESV German/English Parallel Bible

This ESV German/English Parallel Bible positions the recently revised Luther 2017 German text beside the ESV English-language Bible text, making it a valuable edition for native speakers, bilingual readers, or students of either language.
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Healing the exposed being : The Ngoma healing tradition in South Africa

In Healing the Exposed Being, Robert Thornton presents a new vocabulary and ontology for understanding fundamental concepts of a regional version of the Ngoma cult, found throughout the Bantu language-speaking areas of Africa.
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ESV Holy Bible for Kids, Economy

The ESV Holy Bible for Kids, Economy Edition is a highly affordable Bible made just for kids, with illustrations and extra content that provide an accessible introduction to characters and stories of the Bible.
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Digital Cocaine

In Digital Cocaine, Brad Huddleston provides the very latest research, exposes technology's dark secrets and, more importantly, gives you handles you can use right now to achieve the kind of balance that protects your mind, body and soul.
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Ask Asha : Heartfelt Answers to Everyday Dilemmas on the Spiritual Path

Sorrow and stress are universal, but difficult situations can, also, be opportunities. To find the hidden blessings within the various situations of life, you need faith, trust ...and sometimes, a wise friend to talk to. To many spiritual seekers that person is Asha. Based on letters to questing souls, this book showcases the clarity, compassion and inspiration of Asha Praver. Her responses will astound you with their universality and practical wisdom. Here is an example of the practical wisdom
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Meditations for the Inner Shaman : Awakening Your Deepest Guidance

Guided Practices to Directly Access Your Inner Source of Power Course objectives: Practice and Discuss techniques and insights to help you kindle the Inner Shaman within you an inexhaustible resource of energy and joy.Utilize practices for harmonizing your life with Truth, Love, and Power the three fundamental forces that create the universe.Practi
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Cults : The Bloodstained History of Organised Religion

The murders, suicides and carnage that are the legacy of religious fanaticism from the dawn of organised religion to the modern day
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Autobiography of a Yogi

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI is at once a delightful account of an exceptional life and a profound introduction to the ancient science of Yoga and its tradition of meditation.
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Initiation into theology

This volume is an all-in-one publication introducing students and teachers at all levels of Theology to almost the entire spectrum of theologies and hermeneutics in Africa and the western world.
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Alchemical Active Imagination

The medieval alchemists were as interested in the discipline of psychological and spiritual transformation as they were in the transmutation of lead into gold. This book examines texts by the 16th-century alchemist Gerhard Dorn, to show the relationship between alchemy and analytical psychology.
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Isis Unveiled - Two Volume Edition

HPB's first major work, originally published in 1877. The most astounding compendium of occult facts and theories in Theosophical literature. It proclaims the existence of mystery schools under the guardianship of men who are servants for truth. It outlines a movement by the Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom to preserve and protect the ageless truths, until in later times they would again become known for the spiritual benefit of all.
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