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Alternative belief systems

Alternative belief systems
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Buying Buddha, Selling Rumi : Orientalism and the Mystical Marketplace

How Eastern religions are commodified in the modern world, and why it matters
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Cardinal Newman

The fascinating and insightful biography of one of the most intriguing, thoughtful and controversial figures of the 19th century.
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Allah : God in the Qur'an

A concise and illuminating portrait of Allah from one of the world's leading Qur'anic scholars The central figure of the Qur'an is not Muhammad but Allah. The Qur'an, Islam's sacred scripture, is marked above all by its call to worship Allah, and Allah alone. Yet who is the God of the Qur'an? What distinguishes the qur'anic presentation of God from that of the Bible? In this illuminating study, Gabriel Said Reynolds depicts a god of both mercy and vengeance, one who transcends simple classi
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A History of the Bible : The Book and Its Faiths

WINNER OF THE 2019 DUFF COOPER PRIZE A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'With emotional and psychological insight, Barton unlocks this sleeping giant of our culture. In the process, he has produced a masterpiece.' Sunday Times The Bible is the central book of Western culture. For the two faiths which hold it sacred, it is the bedrock of their religion, a singular authority on what to believe and how to live. For non-believers too, it has a commanding status: it is one of the great works of world liter
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Call It Grace

"Theology is a place and a story. Theology is the place and story you think of when you ask yourself about the meaning of your life, of the world, and the possibility of God." So begins Serene Jones's epic work of raw truth, fierce love, and spiritual teaching as muscular as the fractured soul of this century demands. From her abiding Oklahoma roots to her historic leadership of a legendary New York seminary, her story illuminates the deep fault lines of this age--and points beyond them. With
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97,196 Words : Essays

Read the definitive essay collection from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Adversary, dubbed 'France's greatest writer of non-fiction' (New York Times) 'The most exciting living writer' Karl Ove Knausgaard Over the course of his career, Emmanuel Carrere has reinvented non-fiction writing.
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A Seal Upon the Heart : God's Wisdom and the Meaning of Marriage: a Devotional

Pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller, along with his wife Kathy, write a new daily devotional drawing on their bestselling THE MEANING OF MARRIAGE.
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Alive in God : A Christian Imagination

How can Christianity touch the imagination of our contemporaries when ever fewer people in the West identify as religious? Timothy Radcliffe argues we must show how everything we believe is an invitation to live fully. God says: `I put before you life and death: choose life'. Anyone who understands the beauty and messiness of human life - novelists, poets, filmmakers and so on - can be our allies, whether they believe or not. The challenge is not today's secularism but its banality. We accomp
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Buddhism Reading Cards : Wisdom for Peace Love and Happiness

The Buddhism Reading Cards are designed as a simple introduction to the fundamental teachings of Buddhism in a fun and practical way.
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Astronomy Theology

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A Thousand Names For Joy : How To Live In Harmony With The Way Things Are

Inspired by the Tao Te Ching, this is Byron Katie's inspiring and pragmatic approach to achieving an awakened mind and living more simply and profoundly. This questioning takes courage and, in this her third book, she gives readers profound encouragement by showing them the freedom and love that live on the other side of self-inquiry.
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Alchemical Active Imagination

The medieval alchemists were as interested in the discipline of psychological and spiritual transformation as they were in the transmutation of lead into gold. This book examines texts by the 16th-century alchemist Gerhard Dorn, to show the relationship between alchemy and analytical psychology.
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