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Forthcoming International Titles

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Saints and Sinners : A History of the Popes; Fourth Edition

Encompasses the history of the Papacy, from its beginnings nearly two thousand years ago to the election of Francis I.
R 350,41 R 412,25

Introduction to Metaphysics : Second Edition

Features a revised and expanded translators' introduction and an updated translation, as well as the English versions of author's draft of a portion of the text and of his later critique of his own lectures.
R 303,45 R 357,00

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

A treatise, originally published in 1792, that aims to present women's rights as an issue of universal human rights. Suitable for coursework and classroom study, it includes illuminating essays by leading scholars that highlight the author's significant contributions to modern political philosophy.
R 227,59 R 267,75

Fundamentals of Physics : Mechanics, Relativity, and Thermodynamics

Explains the fundamental concepts of physics from Galileo's and Newton's discoveries to the twentieth-century's revolutionary ideas on relativity and quantum mechanics. This book begins at the simplest level, develops the basics, and reinforces fundamentals, ensuring a solid foundation in the principles and methods of physics.
R 379,31 R 446,25

The Houses of Louis Kahn

A stunning celebration of the architect's residential masterpieces
R 1 054,85 R 1 241,00

A Little History of the World : Illustrated Edition

Now available in paperback, a glorious illustrated edition of the international bestseller
R 379,31 R 446,25


`I was born twice: first, as a baby girl, on a remarkably smogless Detroit day of January 1960; and then again, as a teenage boy, in an emergency room near Petoskey, Michigan, in August of l974.'
R 184,24 R 216,75

Dignity : Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict

The desire for dignity is universal and powerful. The author explains what the elements of dignity are, how to recognize dignity violations, how to respond when we are not treated with dignity, how dignity can restore a broken relationship, why leaders must understand the concept of dignity, and more.
R 274,55 R 323,00

Information is Beautiful (New Edition)

A visual guide to how the world really works, through stunning infographics and data visualisations, thoroughly revised, recalculated and reimagined for this new edition.
R 350,41 R 412,25

Dead at Daybreak

R 155,34 R 182,75

Why Architecture Matters

A guide to the styles or an architectural dictionary, though it contains elements of all three. It helps to 'come to grips with how things feel to us when we stand before them, with how architecture affects us emotionally as well as intellectually' - with its impact on our lives.
R 242,04 R 284,75

On Evil

In this witty, accessible study, the prominent Marxist thinker Terry Eagleton launches a surprising defense of the reality of evil, drawing on literary, theological, and psychoanalytic sources to suggest that evil, no mere medieval artifact, is a real phenomenon with palpable force in our contemporary world.

In a book that ranges from St. Augustine to alcoholism, Thomas Aquinas to Thomas Mann, Shakespeare to the Holocaust, Eagleton investigates the frightful plight of those doomed souls
R 242,04 R 284,75

When Rain Clouds Gather and Maru

In two powerful novels of belonging, one of Africa's most important writers explores village life and the traditions of Botswana.
R 155,34 R 182,75

The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes : Second Edition

Presents the history of the British working classes from the preindustrial era to the twentieth century. This title discovers which books people read, how they educated themselves, and what they knew. It includes a preface that uncovers the author's journey into labour history, and its link to intellectual history.
R 682,76 R 803,25

Atheist Delusions : The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies

Outlines how Christianity transformed the ancient world in ways we may have forgotten: bringing liberation from fatalism, conferring great dignity on human beings, subverting the cruelest aspects of pagan society, and elevating charity above all virtues.
R 303,45 R 357,00

The Sculpture of Louise Nevelson : Constructing a Legend

Louise Nevelson (1900-1988) was a towering figure in postwar American art, exerting great influence with her monumental installations, innovative sculptures made of found objects, and celebrated public artworks. This book focuses on various phases of the artist's ascent to the top of the art world.
R 603,29 R 709,75

Bad Science

Ben Goldacre's wise and witty bestseller, shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize, lifts the lid on quack doctors, flaky statistics, scaremongering journalists and evil pharmaceutical corporations.
R 148,11 R 174,25

Say You're One of Them

A powerful and vivid debut collection describing the plight of children caught up in difficult and often harrowing situations throughout the continent of Africa.
R 173,40 R 204,00

The Graveyard Book

WINNER of the 2010 Cilip Carnegie Medal, the Newbery Medal and the Booktrust Teenage Book Prize 2009, and shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award Stunningly illustrated by Chris Riddell, who brings the ghouls, ghosts and hero wonderfully to life in this fantastic ghost adventure story, laced with menace and humour
R 148,11 R 174,25


This fully annotated version of "Hamlet" makes the play completely accessible to readers in the 21st century, and offers help with vocabulary and usage of Elizabethan English, pronunciation, prosody and alternative readings of phrases and lines.
R 104,76 R 123,25

Journey Without Maps

WITH A FOREWORD BY TIM BUTCHER AND AN INTRODUCTION BY PAUL THEROUX In 1935 Graham Greene set off to discover Liberia, a remote and unfamiliar West African republic founded for released slaves.
R 173,40 R 204,00

African Love Stories: An Anthology

A collection of love stories from African women, this work is aimed at debunking the myth that African Women are poor and helpless victims whilst showing their strength, complexity and diversity. It deals with a range of challenging themes including taboo subjects such as homosexuality, domestic violence, female circumcision, ageism and others.
R 274,55 R 323,00

Paddington Helps Out

To celebrate Paddington Bear's 60th birthday in 2018 this hilarious classic novel from master storyteller Michael Bond has been given a fresh new look. Paddington is now a major movie star!
R 111,99 R 131,75

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is a play which, as it were, takes place in the wings of Hamlet, and finds both humour and poignancy in the situation of the ill-fated attendant lords. Its wit, stagecraft and verbal verve remain as exhilarating as they were then and the play has become a contemporary classic.
R 199,75