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"...LISTEN to Me!" : Life lessons from 45 years of pouring concrete

It's about how YOU can have a wonderful life, just like I've had, if you follow the thoughts, opinions, and advice about what I've learned and proven the hard way.
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#imatter : Unicorns Sleep Here

At some point in my life, I noticed "They all lived happily ever after," "Turn the other cheek," and "Two wrongs don't make a right" were not adequate advice tools to get me through my life. So I wrote some of my own observations that did help me navigate my life and sleep pretty good, too. Here they are.
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#IBetOnMe : The Power of Self-Motivation

What I manifested drove me to sacrifice more than I'd ever thought. It forced me to work harder than I knew and it tightened my focus. Welcome to the beginning of your progression! Take advantage of your thoughts. Question the path you're taking and enjoy every moment of having the control of reaching a goal you've manifested.
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!Ya basta! Deja a un lado la pobreza

El objetivo de todo ser humano, en su paso por este mundo, deberia ser vivir una vida esplendida, feliz, con proposito, que se desee volver a vivir; pues ninguna persona ha llegado a este mundo predestinada por Dios, por el universo, la naturaleza, el destino, o por aquello en lo que tu creas, para vivir sumergida en la pobreza.
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#goDo : How to Live on Purpose

In #goDo + #doGood Social Entrepreneur Talonya Geary keeps it real. She shares how she recovered from a series of traumatic losses -the death of her brother, her job, and her health - to create a life of purpose and on purpose. And she teaches you how to use her proven daily practices, rooted in clarity, discipline, and science, to help your dreams
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Topscore K53 learner's & driver's test success

Comprehensively covering the latest official test syllabus of the K53 learner’s and driver’s tests, Topscore K53 Learner’s & Driver’s Test Success is the all-in-one package for attaining a learner’s or driver’s licence for light and heavy vehicles, as well as motorcycles.
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Die nuwe amptelike K53 handleiding

Hersien, met opgedateerde inligting en ’n helder nuwe voorblad om daarby te pas, is Die nuwe amptelike K53-handleiding ’n omvattende en koste-effektiewe gids om jou te help slaag in die Leerling- en K53-Bestuurslisensietoetse. Elke hoofstuk bespreek wat van jou verwag sal word met die hantering van ligte en swaar motorvoertuie en motor?etse.
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The new offcial K53 manual

Revised and updated with a bright new cover to match, The new official K53 manual is a comprehensive and cost-effective guide to passing your learner’s licence and K53 driver’s licence the ?rst time. Covering both light and heavy motor vehicles, and motorcycles, each chapter discusses the knowledge and skills expected of the learner driver/rider.
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Net die toets

Nuut van die uitgewers van verskeie topverkopergidse vir die slaag van jou leerling- en bestuurslisensie, is Net die toets ideaal vir enige iemand wat so ’n bietjie meer oefening benodig voordat hulle die leerlinglisensie toets a?e.
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Just the test

New from the publishers of various best-selling learner and driver manuals, Just the test is perfect for anyone wanting to put in some additional practice before taking the learner’s test. Where necessary, to aid the learning process questions are accompanied by full- colour road signs and markings.
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Shuters K53 learner's licence manual

This book fi ne-tunes the learner-driver’s knowledge and understanding of all the rules of the road and the road signs that apply on the roads of South Africa.
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