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"...LISTEN to Me!" : Life lessons from 45 years of pouring concrete

It's about how YOU can have a wonderful life, just like I've had, if you follow the thoughts, opinions, and advice about what I've learned and proven the hard way.
R 284,93

Invest Your Way to Wealth

How do you grow your capital while still preserving it? And how do you use investment vehicles to contribute positively to your financial freedom and a comfortable retirement? The answer is simple: financial education is the precursor to good investment decision-making.
R 270,00

Money Lessons : How to manage your finances to get the life you want

If you spent one hour a month nurturing your finances for the next twelve months, how would you feel this time next year, what would be different? Mapping out a plan for achieving your big goals and managing everyday spending, Money Lessons is your own pocket financial expert. Whether you have it or not, money is often as difficult to talk about as it is to handle. Many of us will at one point need advice on how to: - ask for a pay rise - save up to buy a place - pay for a mortgage - finance
R 370,00

!Ya basta! Deja a un lado la pobreza

El objetivo de todo ser humano, en su paso por este mundo, deberia ser vivir una vida esplendida, feliz, con proposito, que se desee volver a vivir; pues ninguna persona ha llegado a este mundo predestinada por Dios, por el universo, la naturaleza, el destino, o por aquello en lo que tu creas, para vivir sumergida en la pobreza.
R 368,42

Magnetiize : How to stop chasing life & start attracting success in the modern, disrupted world

Today disruption is a part of our daily business vocabulary. We're all aware of it, and yet many of us still struggle to cope with fast-paced change. How do we take control of our future? What can we do to stop chasing and start attracting - start magnetizing - the life we want?
R 285,00

Dollars and Sense: Money Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

Why does paying for things often feel like it causes physical pain? Blending humor and behavioral economics, the author of Predictably Irrational delves into the truly illogical world of personal finance to help people better understand why they make bad financial decisions, and gives them the knowledge they need to make better ones.
R 380,00

They're your rules ... Break them! : 50 ways to smash silos, bust bureaucracy and create a high-performance culture

This book offers 50 innovative ways of looking at your business as a long-term, dynamic, progressive entity. Here you will find 50 ways to ditch the atrophying forces and create an exponentially achieving, high-performance culture in your organisation.
R 270,00

From debt to riches

This book is written by an ordinary South African for ordinary South Africans. Most people have always thought that it was only high income people who could end up financially independent.
R 165,00

The best pocket guide ever for wealth-building investment

Money plays a role in nearly every aspect of our lives, and yet very few people know how to save, where to invest and how to avoid money troubles.
R 150,00

10 simple steps to property wealth

From the bestselling author of Making money out of property in South Africa now comes 10 simple steps to property wealth, which distils, in a nutshell, all the tips and strategies, as well as all the most important and dif?cult lessons, the author has learnt over the course of his own career as a property investor.
R 330,00

The Richest Man In Babylon

An inspirational guide to personal money problems which presents eleven ancient Babylonian tales revealing the way to financial success.
R 190,00