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Broke Millennial Takes On Investing : A Beginner's Guide to Leveling-Up Your Money

"A guide to investing basics by the author of Broke Millennial, for anyone who feels like they aren't ready (or rich enough) to get into the market"--
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Eff you very much : How you are screwed by the dealerships and banks when buying a car

Have you ever purchased a vehicle? Exciting stuff – especially when your finance has been approved! However, when you received your invoice, you were likely to have experienced quite a shock, as this vehicle now costs more that what you expected due to “not-so-hidden” costs.
R 127,50 R 150,00

Dollars and Sense: Money Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

Why does paying for things often feel like it causes physical pain? Blending humor and behavioral economics, the author of Predictably Irrational delves into the truly illogical world of personal finance to help people better understand why they make bad financial decisions, and gives them the knowledge they need to make better ones.
R 254,15 R 299,00

FT Guide to Saving and Investing for Retirement: The Definitive Handbook to Securing Your Financial Future

One of the most important financial plans you can have is saving and investing for your retirement. Quite simply, the success of this plan determines whether you're going to live comfortably after you stop working.

The Financial Times Guide to Saving and Investing for Retirement will lead you through a bewildering maze of financial tools and provide advice on crucial investment decisions. It provides everything you need to know about how to save and invest so that you can su
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Draai jou sente om

Het jy met te min geld afgetree om in jou behoeftes te voorsien? Hierdie boek bied jou wenke hoe om uit jou finansiele verknorsing te kom. Die planne word in eenvoudige taal en maklik verstaanbaar aangebied.
R 144,50 R 170,00

Bringing Up Money Smart Kids

The ultimate parent's guide to raising financially smart toddlers to teenagers.
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From debt to riches

This book is written by an ordinary South African for ordinary South Africans. Most people have always thought that it was only high income people who could end up financially independent.
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7 Money Rules for Life (R) : How to Take Control of Your Financial Future

A nationally syndicated financial columnist and founder of Debt-Proof Living distills her twenty years of experience into seven simple principles that help people get out of debt and manage their money.
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Become your own financial advisor

Your step-by-step guide to financial peace of mind! How can you become financially secure with the resources at your disposal? What is the safest way to invest, and accumulate, money? And why is it never too late to start planning your financial well-being?
R 212,50 R 250,00

10 simple steps to property wealth

From the bestselling author of Making money out of property in South Africa now comes 10 simple steps to property wealth, which distils, in a nutshell, all the tips and strategies, as well as all the most important and dif?cult lessons, the author has learnt over the course of his own career as a property investor.
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Brilliant Accounting : Everything you need to know to manage the success of your accounts

Discover everything you need to know to take control of your accounts and manage the success of your business or personal finances.

Brilliant Accounting is the practical, step-by-step guide that will help you get to grips with accounting basics. Written by an accounting expert with years of experience, Brilliant Accounting is free from technical jargon and theory and is packed with practical examples and expert tips and tricks.

This book covers everything you need to know, fr
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Aspire! Unit Trusts for South African Investors

Containing practical examples together with appropriate solutions, this guide uses a conversational style in order to appeal to a broad cross-section of the investing public and helps navigate the volatile South African share market.
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