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Pregnancy, Parenting

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Hold on to Your Kids : Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers

Together they pinpoint the causes of this breakdown and offer practical advice on how to `reattach' to sons and daughters, establish the hierarchy at home, make children feel safe and understood, and earn back your children's loyalty and love.
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Expectant blessings

Invest in your relationship with your unborn child by praying over them and sharing God's message of unfailing love with them. Children are God’s unique gift to parents. Pregnancy is a time of celebration, discovery and learning to love someone you don’t know.
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8 great smarts

Smart is a powerful word. But what does it mean to be smart? If your child is not good at math or lan­guages, does that mean he or she is not smart? No! Dr. Kathy Koch wants parents to know that their kids are smart, whether they excel in the classroom or not!
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Belonging and Becoming

Renew your imagination for what family life can be.
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Get Your Teenager Talking : Everything You Need to Spark Meaningful Conversations

Offering discussion starters, follow-up questions, and interpretations of common responses, these 180 creative ways to get conversations going will help you connect more with your teen.
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Borsvoed Jou Baba : Maak Dit Vir Jou En Jou Baba Maklik

'n Volledige, praktiese gids vir ma's wat weet dat borsvoeding die natuurlike en gesonde manier is om baba te voed, maar nie noodwendig maklik of instinktief nie.
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Breastfeed Your Baby : Make it Easy and Enjoyable for Both of You

A complete, practical guide for nursing mothers who know that breastfeeding is the natural, healthy way to nourish a baby, but find it neither easy nor instinctive.
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How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex

Dr. Chirban helps parents know when, how, and how much, and stresses the vital importance of their role in sex education. He uses humor, compassion, and real-life examples to prepare parents for healthy and ongoing conversations that equip their kids to own their own sexuality and provide an understanding of the larger issues of relationships.
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Calm Kids: Help Children Relax with Mindful Activities

Practical guidance for parents and teachers on how to help children with behavioural and attention difficulties.
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How to Really Love Your Adult Child: Building a Healthy Relationship in a Changing World

More than 10 years after "Parenting Your Adult Child" was published, much has changed--including young adults themselves, as well as their parents. This revised and updated version helps today's parents explore how to really love their adult child in today's changing world.
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Adjusting the Boundaries : Helping Children and Teens Cope with Separation and Divorce

The author will empower you to contain your children's anxiety and feelings of insecurity and to re-establish a measure of equilibrium as effectively as possible.
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