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All things bright and broken

This debut autobiographical novel by a compassionate and deeply perceptive writer is raw, funny and moving. It is the story of Colleen, the little girl who has to wear boots to support her weak ankles, seen through her eyes and told in her own words.
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Colour me yellow

Thuli Nhlapo was seven years old when she realised that no one called her by name. Known as "Yellowā€¯, she was bullied at home and at school. Years later, Thuli is still haunted by her childhood experiences and confronts her mother. Thuli then embarks on years of searching for the truth. In the process, she uncovers unsettling family secrets.
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101 conversation starters for families

A treasure trove of 101 fun and thought-provoking questions to help families get the conversation started. The key to any successful relationship is open and meaningful communication. Unfortunately, this is not something that comes naturally to all of us.
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Championship Grandfathering : How to Build a Winning Legacy

What's so important about being a grandfather? Everything!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you're not on the playing field anymore and that your championship days are over. As an elder of the family, you play a vital role in your grandchild's future. You will leave a legacy for that child and your family, but what will it be? And how do you make sure it's the best legacy possible?

Carey Casey has a game plan. And you definitely need one, because building a winning legac
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Cherish : The One Word That Changes Everything for Your Marriage

A countless number of marriages right now consist of two people just going through the motions. Thomas insists that this pattern can be reversed when husbands and wives learn to cherish one another in proven, loving, and everyday actions and words. Ultimately, Cherish can help bring hope, light, and life into any marriage.
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Collateral Damage : Guiding and Protecting Your Child Through the Minefield of Divorce

Based on research from more than 10,000 surveys from children and parents of divorce, Collateral Damage presents parents with an overview of the impact that divorce has on their children and offers ways to better serve their needs at this critical time.
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5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts

Dr. Chapman explains how people communicate love in different ways, and shares the wonderful things that happen when men and women learn to speak each other's language.
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Carry-on baggage

Howard Feldman was a high-flying commodity trader, living a seemingly perfect life, with a perfect wife and perfect children, in an unbelievably perfect world.
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Can you see me naked? : Wisdom women or men want

Wisdom for women and men that helps them grow in relationships. "Can you see me naked?" Grow in a conscious relationship is an unassuming book that speaks with a feminine voice: Why is it that nothing you can do can make her happy? Why does she withdraw from you? Do you know if she is The One?
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Bullet Proof Marriage : Your Shield Against Divorce

What would you do if you had to protect a great treasure? Would you keep it in a simple cabinet or deposit it in the most secure bank safe? If the answer is obvious when it comes to material wealth, it should be even more obvious when the treasure is even greater: your marriage. Yes, marriage is under attack and it needs to be protected.
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A Mother Apart : How to let go of guilt and find hapiness living apart from your child

A Mother Apart has been written to relieve the isolation of the many women separated from their child who say, 'I thought I was the only one'.
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Better Than Ever : Time for Love and Sex

'Better Than Ever' is a new kind of book about love and sex. Targeted particularly at people in their later years, it looks at the pleasure that can still be gained from healthy sexual relationships whether all the appropriate bits are working or not.
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