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Badass Baby Names : Inspired by the Most Awesome, Fearless and Cool Men and Women in History

500 rebel names inspired by the most fearless men and women of history.
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7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine : The no-cry plan to help your baby sleep through the night

Help your baby sleep through the night - without any tears.

The early months with a new baby are exciting and magical, but they can also be emotional and exhausting if sleep is disturbed night after night.

Baby sleep expert Charmian Mead's flexible plan, developed from work with hundreds of families, is designed to encourage baby to sleep a full twelve hours a night, naturally, by as early as six weeks old, without any tears. She'll show you gentle ways to encourage your baby
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All things bright and broken

This debut autobiographical novel by a compassionate and deeply perceptive writer is raw, funny and moving. It is the story of Colleen, the little girl who has to wear boots to support her weak ankles, seen through her eyes and told in her own words.
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Babies : Vintage Minis

Babies: our biggest mystery and our most natural consequence, our hardest test and our enduring love. The author describes the intensity, bewilderment and extravagant happiness of her experience of having babies, from the exhaustion of early pregnancy to first smiles and becoming acquainted with the long reaches of the night.
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Breastfeeding Uncovered : Who really decides how we feed our babies?

Breastfeeding Uncovered reveals the complex barriers that society places in the way of breastfeeding, and shows how we can increase breastfeeding rates if we support, encourage and enable new mothers.
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Beyond the Sling : A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way

A real-world guide to Attachment Parenting from the Big Bang Theory actress, neuroscientist, and mother Mayim Bialik - a book hailed by Dr. William Sears as "delightful" and by Ricki Lake as "a fantastic guide to birth and parenting that is packed with invaluable wisdom."
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Babyopathy : Baby care the natural way!

This baby book is an insight into how you can use this natural and holistic childcare programme at home and advice that may help support you and your baby during the first year.
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Breast Intentions : How Women Sabotage Breastfeeding for Themselves and Others

Why do mothers fail to breastfeed their babies?

The majority of mothers know breastfeeding gives their baby the best start in life: improved health, superior intelligence, and closer emotional attachment are just a few of the crucial benefits. Yet a mere 17% of mothers are still breastfeeding when their babies are three months old. Why?
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A A Baby Wants to be Carried : Everything you need to know about baby carriers and the benefits of babywearing

Carrying your baby - in a sling, wrap or other carrier - often known as 'babywearing', is more than just a convenient means of transport. In A Baby Wants to be Carried author Evelin Kirkilionis explains in detail why babies expect to be carried and respond so well to it.
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Birth and Sex : The Power and the Passion

Sex and birth are often talked about as contrasting experiences. In fact, when birth is physiological, not medical or surgical, and a woman is free to be spontaneous, endorphins surge into her blood stream in the same way as during sexual excitement. Sheila Kitzinger discusses the sexuality of birth.
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A Wise Birth : Bringing Together the Best of Natural Childbirth with Modern Medicine

An exploration of the politics behind modern child-birthing strategies, this volume makes a detailed examination of all the main areas of influence, from different cultural backgrounds, medical histories, psychology, and relationships, to technology and modern medicines.
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Better Than Ever : Time for Love and Sex

'Better Than Ever' is a new kind of book about love and sex. Targeted particularly at people in their later years, it looks at the pleasure that can still be gained from healthy sexual relationships whether all the appropriate bits are working or not.
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