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The Pelvic Floor Bible : Everything You Need to Know to Prevent and Cure Problems at Every Stage in Your Life

Have you ever laughed so much you wet yourself - just a little bit? Or found yourself crossing your legs on the doorstep frantically searching for your keys? Do you get up at night to go to the toilet more than once?

Then you need help from The Pelvic Floor Bible.

Incontinence is both preventable and curable through pelvic floor exercises and rehabilitation but too many people assume nothing can be done, follow incorrect advice or are ashamed to seek help. We need to end the ta
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Ask Me About My Uterus : A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women's Pain

For any woman who has experienced illness, chronic pain, or endometriosis comes an inspiring memoir advocating for recognition of women's health issues
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The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer : How to Feel Empowered and Take Control

They are also outstanding doctors, with Trisha Greenhalgh being the author of one of the world's bestselling evidence-based medicine books and Liz O'Riordan a breast surgeon with years of experience in treating breast cancer patients.
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Pilates for Pregnancy: A safe and effective guide for pregnancy and motherhood

Pilates for Pregnancy is a straight talking, woman-to-woman exercise guide, focusing on pelvic floor and core strength, to improve your health, mood and energy during pregnancy. Clear, step-by-step Pilates exercises, tailored for the demands of each trimester, show you how to:

- improve your posture as your bump grows
- protect your back - especially when lifting older children
- optimise the position of your baby for a better birth experience
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Miscarriage: What every Woman needs to know

A fully revised and updated edition of the definitive account of the causes, prevention and treatment of miscarriage
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Breasts : An Owner's Manual: Every Woman's Guide to Reducing Cancer Risk, Making Treatment Choices and Optimising Outcomes

A revolutionary and definitive new approach to preventing breast cancer, from Board-certified world authority on breast health Dr. Kristi Funk, co-founder of the renowned Pink Lotus Breast Centre, and surgeon to Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow.
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Suitable for women who want to learn more about their bodies and their health. This title provides the medical and gynaecological facts as well as the social aspects of women's sexuality and well-being.
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French Women Don't Get Facelifts : Aging with Attitude

Mireille shares the secrets and strategies of aging with attitude and joy, offering personal anecdotes while divulging French women's most guarded secrets about looking and feeling great.
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The Women's Health Little Book Of Exercises

Based on the wildly successful Women's Health Big Book of exercises, this portable handbook offers readers step-by-step instructions (and color photos) on how to perfectly execute the best fat-torching, muscle-toning exercises ever choreographed. This essential workout guide is for any woman-from beginner to expert-who wants to lose weight fast, build strength, and tone those terrible trouble spots, namely the belly, butt, and thighs. Complete with fast, effective workouts for home use or to tak
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When Hungry, Eat

By the time Joanne Fedler's fortieth birthday loomed, she'd had it with several trouble-makers who'd been wreaking havoc in the kingdom of her heart for too long. It was time to deport them.
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A Dance in the Desert

Kate Bennett isn't looking for love, but it shows up in a surprising and dramatic package. Matt Reynolds arrives on the scene with a flash of all-American heroism and treats Kate and her friends to a taste of excitement and beauty. But will Kate be strong enough to give him the emotional support he really needs?
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Imperfectly Natural Woman : Getting Life Right the Natural Way

If the closest you've ever come to natural living is choosing the 'light' version of mayonnaise then this book is for you. If the only recycling you've ever done is chucking your wine bottles into the car park's bottle bin just to rejoice in the crashing sound it's still for you.
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