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#Gone Girl 31 Day Mask-Up Devotional

Mask Up31 Day Devotional is a powerful anthology of testimonies by women of faith from all walks of life. Compiled by Pastor Angela Johnson, this book shares the experiences of women who have lost much; but, oh, through their stories we see how God has given them GREAT VICTORY! These authors have given us a glimpse into their secret hurts and shown how God transformed their lives. From them we learn that it is not about masking your pain, masking your hurts, or masking your insecuritie
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As slaap en alleen piepie vir die voels is, jy weke laas beenhare kon skeer, jy sukkel om in jou broeke te pas en push-up bra's moet dra - o ja, en jy gewoond is aan koue koffie - dan is hierdie rubriekbundel vir jou!
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"Mein neues Ich - Das grosse Arbeitsbuch zu den 5 Themen, die dein Leben verandern werden : Selbstfindung, Inneres Kind heilen, Vergangenheit loslassen, Selbstliebe spuren, Gluck finden

Du fuhlst dich oft in deinem Leben uberfordert, weisst nicht mit komplizierten Situationen umzugehen und findest, dass die anderen sowieso alles besser koennen als du? Die Vergangenheit hat dich im Griff und du bereust Dinge, die du getan oder nicht getan hast? Wenn du dich immer wieder fragst, warum du Altes nicht loslassen und endlich dein Gluck finden kannst, ist es an der Zeit, deinen inneren Fokus auf deine Persoenlichkeitsentwicklung zu lenken: Denn die meisten Menschen leben gerade
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"Bist du noch zu retten? : Wie Sie Ihr gefuhlsstarkes, temperamentvolles Kind richtig foerdern

Lehrerverbande schlagen Alarm: Die Anzahl verhaltensauffalliger Kinder explodiert Rund 100.000 Kinder in Deutschland sollen betroffen sein, wobei die Dunkelziffer noch hoeher liegt. Wahrend die OEffentlichkeit die Fehler vor allem in den Schulen sucht, widersprechen Erziehungswissenschaftler und Padagogen: Die groesste Verantwortung fur eine koerperlich und seelisch stabile Entwicklung eines Kindes tragt das Elternhaus. Eine falsche Erziehung der Eltern hat fatale Folgen: Zu viele Ki
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(HER) is tonii's debut poetry collection that is uniquely composed to expressed the challenges, emotions, feelings, and conclusions one encounters when pursuing love. The book is filled with subliminal metaphors and unique word play as the author entangles readers within the romantic, erotic, painful, passionate, and desolate experiences found within, what appears to be, a long term relationship with a woman. As readers progress further into the books pages, the author redefines and refines thi
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#SleeveLife : Losing Half of Myself and Finding the Rest

Weight loss and transformation take time, inspiration, and stubborn determination. Jonathan Dichter transformed his life after undergoing weight loss surgery, and he wants to join in your journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself! #SleeveLife is a labor of love and a never-ending story of continual change.
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#HeySportsParents : An Essential Guide for any Parent with a Child in Sports

Sports Parenting is both an art and a challenge. #HeySportsParents defines the critical elements needed to develop successful athletes. The co-authors, Sharkie Zartman, an All American Athlete and Dr. Robert Weil, aka the Sports Doctor, and other experts share valuable information to help parents navigate the terrain of sports parenting.
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"Words for the One You Love"

Words For The One You Love book is fill with all kinds of love. The kind that could warm your heart and bring tears to your eyes at the same time. A good part of this book was sitting in a box for a long time. Then something happen love came back to it and the love knew it was meant to be together. The kind of love that will last forever until the end of time.
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#Love - A New Generation of Hope Continues...

Thank You for allowing us to share our excitement about one of the most beautiful things that we all believe in...#LOVE. Each of my co-authors have stepped out of their comfort zone and shared some incredibly personal stuff about the experiences they have walked through. This book has so many stories, some of which include living in very harsh conditions and dealing with the emotional trauma that you have no control over, as well as stories about survival and strength. We have brought you real
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The Men's Health Little Book Of Exercises

Statement of responsibility taken from cover.
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...Beautiful in My Worn Clothes... the Transgressions of Love

...beautiful in my worn clothes... The Transgressions of Love is a book about the history, ethics, aesthetics and politics of love as radicalism. Rod Dubey describes love as a river that freely flows without regard to prohibitions based on race, gender, class or religion. Love transgresses the boundaries set by church, state and family which seek to control it and is thus, inherently subversive and the basis of an alternative ethics. Historic periods marked by the valuation of love have had a p
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"WOMANIZER' Thee Uncomfortable Truth About Men and Marriage"

"(Williams) gives great advice and knows exactly what he's talking about.-- Playboy Radio (Sirius Satellite).
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