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26.2 Miles to Happiness : A Comedian's Tale of Running, Red Wine and Redemption

'Utterly joyous!' - Bryony Gordon 'The funniest book about running I have ever read. In fact it is the only book about running I have ever read, but it is HILARIOUS!' - David Walliams '...insightful, inspiring and laugh-out-loud funny!' - Michael McIntyre 'Pain. Hope. Misery. Joy. All the big stuff. Excellent.' - Dara O Briain 'This book is funny (which I expected) and concerns running (ditto), but it is also exceptionally moving and profound. Don't be fooled: it's not really about completi
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Be PARA Fit : The 4-Week Formula for Elite Physical Fitness

THE 4-WEEK FORMULA FOR ELITE PHYSICAL FITNESS ARE YOU READY TO BE PARA FIT? Transform your lifestyle and fitness with the powerful new programme from Major Sam McGrath, former commander of the legendary PARAs' P Company selection process. Whatever your fitness level this 4-week formula evolves with you, equipping you to take on your most ambitious goals, maximize your potential and achieve transformational results. CHALLENGE yourself and your body with the same endurance training and functio
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Brain Wash : Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships and Lasting Happiness

Brain Wash reveals the dangers of consumption culture to our mental and cognitive health, and offers diet and lifestyle interventions to heal the brain.
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All the Water in the World

A stunning debut novel about a teenage girl and her mother, as they grapple with first love, family secrets and tragedy
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This comprehensive guide to attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) offers parents balanced, reassuring, and authoritative information to help them understand and manage this challenging and often misunderstood condition.
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Behind the Scenes : Insights Into the Journey of Parenting

You just cannot let things go. You have to probe and prod and voice your opinion on it." An observation from her husband! But is this such a bad thing? Teacher, journalist and columnist, Usha Naidu does not think so.
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A Fresh Approach to Success for Young Adults : How to contol your choices and actions

This book will assist young adults to gain self-confidence and make plans for a successful adulthood. What do you need to remain positive and rational in a problematic world?. Planning your success is one choice away. The greatest choice you can make now is to buy this book.
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Basotho medicinal plants / Meriana ya dimela tsa Basotho

This publication is an important contribution to the documentation of medicinal plant use by the Basotho. It contains a comprehensive list of known medicinal plants, their up-to-date scientific names, their vernacular names, as well as their uses.
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Being Mortal : Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End

For most of human history, death was a common, ever-present possibility. It didn't matter whether you were five or fifty - every day was a roll of the dice. But now, as medical advances push the boundaries of survival further each year, we have become increasingly detached from the reality of being mortal. So here is a book about the modern experience of mortality - about what it's like to get old and die, how medicine has changed this and how it hasn't, where our ideas about death have gone wro
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A Great Day at the Office : 10 Simple Strategies for Maximising Your Energy and Getting the Best out of Yourself and Your Day

Dreading work? Tired of a 9 to 5 that's more like an 8 to 10? Feeling overwhelmed by your job? A Great Day at the Office offers practical solutions to the challenges of modern-day business life for a healthier, happier and more productive time at the office and away.
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Basic first aid

Basic First Aid seeks to equip first aiders with the basic skills needed to effectively manage an emergency situation before the arrival of emergency care providers. The manual describes the most up-to-date basic first aid techniques for use in situations where there are limited or no resources available.
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A Dance in the Desert

Kate Bennett isn't looking for love, but it shows up in a surprising and dramatic package. Matt Reynolds arrives on the scene with a flash of all-American heroism and treats Kate and her friends to a taste of excitement and beauty. But will Kate be strong enough to give him the emotional support he really needs?
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