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Complete Physique : The 12-Week Total Body Sculpting Program for Men and Women

Lose weight. Build muscle. Get fit. The all-in-one 12-week guide to obtaining and maintaining the body you always wanted, from transformation specialist and author, Hollis Lance Liebman.

Complete Physique redefines the body sculpting process, providing readers with the answers they need to get the best body they possibly can, while ensuring that readers maintain their gains.

. PROGRESSIVE WORKOUTS. Complete Physique's workouts apply over 20 years of fitness expertise to create
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Exercises for Perfect Posture: Stand Tall Program for Better Health Through Good Posture

A guide to achieving healthy posture includes fitness programs and exercises designed to realign the spine and strengthen the shoulders, neck, and back.
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15 Minute Fitness

Try It! 15 Minute Fitness packs calorie burning exercises into quick workouts to do at home, allowing you to boost your fitness levels without the expensive gym membership.

With a high-intensity mix of stretching and calorie burning workouts, Try It! 15 Minute Fitness will help you squat, sprint, kick, and even arabesque your way to a fitter body. Choose from over 100 quick exercises to create your own workout, combining styles including boxing, aerobics, running, and freestyle.
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Bodyweight Workouts For Men

Featuring over 75 bodyweight exercises and 36 routines, this book shows which muscles are being worked, so you can focus your workouts on specific muscle groups or create a rounded routine to work the whole body.
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Body Sculpting With Yoga : Take Yoga Up to the Next Level!

Body Sculpting with Yoga is an innovative program that combines unique body-weight and resistance training exercises with nutritional guidelines, warm-up routines, and motivated guidance to empower women to achieve defined arms and shoulders, lean sexy abs, and a strong, sculpted body.
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A Little Course in Pilates

Helps you learn a practical course in pilates. This title offers step-by-step pictures that show you what other courses only tell you and the practice moves keep you on the right track.
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Core Strength Training

Gives you what you need to build a stronger body and get the best results from your work-outs. This book helps you perfect your techniques and perform each movement correctly and safely. It is suitable for those from complete beginners to fitness fanatics.
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Be Your Own Personal Trainer : Over 250 Exercises with Programmes to Help You Optimise Your Workouts

This title gives you all the advantages of having your own personal trainer without the challenges of scheduling, possible personality clashes and being tied to a specific gym or venue. It demonstrates more than 250 graded exercises using body weight and widely accessible basic equipment.
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Easy Pilates

Practised regularly, Pilates can improve every aspect of your physical and mental health. This practical guide presents simple Pilates sessions for busy people. It features routines of varying lengths to suit various lifestyles.
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Easy Tai Ji

Presents the popular style of Tai Ji - the short yang form - in easy steps. This title features movements that are accompanied by a foot diagram.
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Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer : Yoga Through the Seasons

Taking a journey through the cycles of the year, this book rekindles our relationship with nature and opens up a dialogue between the body and its surroundings. It offers a series of simple positions for experiment and play.
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Breath : The Essence of Yoga

Shows readers that as you reconnect with the breath through effortless observation and increased awareness, the doors within our souls can be opened leading to feelings of renewed energy, greater calmness, and clarity of mind.
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