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The Meadow Vale Ponies: Mulberry and the Summer Show

Mulberry is the bad-tempered pony no one wants to ride. So when shy girl Sam enters them both in the Summer Show, everyone thinks she's crazy. But Sam has a secret weapon - she can talk to horses. The only problem is, Mulberry isn't keen on listening and time is running out. Will they learn to work together?
Includes pony stickers!
R 88,36 R 103,95

Frozen in Time

Ben and Rachel can't believe their eyes when they find a hidden underground vault at the bottom of their garden. Inside are two frozen figures, a boy and a girl, whose scientist father left them there in cryonic suspension over fifty years ago. Then Rachel accidentally presses a button, and something incredible happens . . .
R 101,96 R 119,95

Oxford School Dictionary of Word Origins

The Oxford School Dictionary of Word Origins is the only dictionary of word origins for schools, featuring histories of many thousands of words. Also includes a thematic topic section ideal for project work.
R 210,76 R 247,95

Oxford Reading Tree Read With Biff, Chip, and Kipper: First Experiences: A New Baby!

First Experiences with Biff, Chip & Kipper introduce your child to new situations through entertaining and sensitively written stories. Each story is packed with facts and humour, making them perfect for reading together. In this story Kipper helps his friend to get ready for the arrival of a new baby in his family. What do you know about babies?
R 88,36 R 103,95

Waiting for Gonzo

Oz is a joker who attracts disasters like magnets to a fridge.

On his first day at a new school, he accidentally triggers a chain of events which causes a catastrophe of EPIC proportions! But it's when Oz tries to repair the damage that the trouble really starts . . .
R 119,81 R 140,95

Professor Puffendorf's Secret Potions

When Professor Puffendorf leaves Enzo to look after her little guinea-pig and her top-secret potions, he hatches a wicked plan. But there's no happy ending for Enzo!
R 106,21 R 124,95

Stop the Train

It's 1893 and for Cissy and her family, a new life beckons on the prairies of Oklahoma and they and their fellow settlers prepare for steady business alongside the Red Rock Railroad track. But when they refuse to sell their land to the railroad company, the boss swears that his trains will never stop in Florence again. How will they ever make a living now?

Cissy and her friends, family and neighbours vow that they will make the train stop - by whatever means are necessary, no matter
R 135,11 R 158,95

The Heaven Shop

Binti's father is dying from AIDS, a disease that nobody in their town in Malawi dares name aloud. When the family is split up and sent to live with various scared and cruel relatives, Binti knows that it is up to her to reunite them. But her fight to do so means coming to an understanding of herself, and also of human nature.
R 112,16 R 131,95

Into The Wind - Contemporary Stories in English

The stories in this volume focus on the often lonely efforts of individuals as they battle against the powerful forces of society, tradition and authority, particularly from the point of view of women. It is suitable for GCSE and Standard Grade students.
R 133,41 R 156,95

New Way White Level Parallel Book Pack (6)

Parallel Books provide extra reading material to recycle and reinforce the vocabulary of the Core and Platform Books.
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Leading Questions

The student guide to passing poetry and prose criticism in the AS and A Level English Literature exams.
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New Way Yellow Level Core Book Terrible Tiger and Other Stories

New Way, renowned for its phonic focus and success with generations of children, has always been committed to a balanced phonic approach.
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