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Eight Master Lessons of Nature

For too long we have set ourselves apart from nature, seeing ourselves as superior, removed, independent.
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Catstrology : Unlock the Secrets of the Stars with Cats

A cute, light-hearted and funny guide to horoscopes illustrated with adorable cat photos
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Dogstrology : Unlock the Secrets of the Stars with Dogs

A cute, light-hearted and funny guide to horoscopes illustrated with adorable dog photos
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Cats on Catnip: 20 Postcards

Following in the footsteps of the best-selling Cats on Catnip comes a deluxe postcard book to extend the enthusiasm for the brand into the gift market. People love their pets and all things pet- and animal-themed and they'll be sure to want these laugh-worthy postcards to check in with friends near and far.
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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Vol. 3

It's time to dust off your camera, pick up your binoculars and head back to the great outdoors as the much-loved Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards return once again with the best, as well as never-before-seen, photographs of wildlife; a waving polar bear; a squirrel photographer and even a pair of gracefully ice-skating penguins. This is a must-have book that is perfect for animal lovers and a wonderful celebration of natural habitats all over the world! The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
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Dog Poems

To Flush, My Dog Loving friend, the gift of one, Who, her own true faith, hath run, Through thy lower nature; Be my benediction said With my hand upon thy head, Gentle fellow-creature ... -Elizabeth Barrett Browning Since prehistory, dogs have served as man's best friend, giving us loyalty, assistance and boundless inspiration. Dogs offer comfort and amusement to their owners; they provide solace when we're sad, entertaining antics when we're bored and affection every day. To poets in parti
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All Cats Are Introverts

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of I Could Pee on This, Francesco Marciuliano presents this humorous and all too relatable book written from the perspective of pets.
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As Kingfishers Catch Fire : Birds & Books

As Kingfishers Catch Fire: Birds and Books is an illustrated and visually stunning exploration of birds in literature, from Ovid to Ted Hughes.
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Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life : The definitive visual guide to prehistoric animals

"Visitors to a natural history museum could not explore the number of examples contained here" - Booklist Fascinating and authoritative, this book is an unprecedented survey of millions of years of life on planet Earth. Featuring an incredible mix of 3-D reconstructions, extraordinary skeletons, and amazingly intricate fossils, it uses the latest scientific research to recreate a wealth of ancient species, from the earliest primitive life forms to great dinosaurs, early mammals, and even the f
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Bird Photographer of the Year : Collection 4

Foreword by Chris Packham This beautiful book accompanies a new photographic competition celebrating some of the best bird photography of the year.
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Barrie : How a rescue dog and her owner saved each other

The heart-warming story of Barrie, the stray puppy rescued from the rubble in Syria by former soldier Sean Laidlaw.
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Expedition : Adventures into Undiscovered Worlds

Shine a light into the unknownThere are still dark corners of our planet that are yet to be explored. Each location brings its own epic challenges - whether it's the first climb of an arctic ice fall in Greenland, the first recorded navigation of a South American river, or the first exploration of the world's longest cave system in Mexico.
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